Missing Feral :(


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Purred: Thu Oct 20, '11 12:45pm PST 
I have been caring for Bella since last fall. My husband is wondering if our Halloween decorations in front of the house scared her off (last time we saw her was the night we put them up, Sunday night) but I don't know. There's been a coyote sighted in our neighborhood on and off for weeks, and our dog Max went crazy late Monday night barking at something outside our house.

She and her little brothers showed up on our street last summer and I started taking care of them, feeding them. I wanted to try and rehome them, but our local TNR group told me not to. Well, she is the only one of the three that survived past last fall - one was taken by a coyote right in front of our house before Steve could get out the door, and the other was hit by a car. I fixed Bella last fall, and have just loved her ever since.

Anyway, just had to tell someone. So worried about her. I'm not sure even where she lives, and she doesn't show up all the time, but she is pretty regular, and to my recollection has never been gone this long.

The only other thing I can think of, is that there is a really aggressive new male that has started coming around, that I am trying to trap. I wonder if he would scare her off, or cause her to stay away? She has been coming around a little less since since he showed up.