My First Show!


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Purred: Sun Jul 24, '11 9:57pm PST 
I've been entered in the TICA SW Consortium in Irvine, CA for this coming Saturday & Sunday! I'm only four months old and have never been to a show. Mommy's having a friend help her cobble together some cool cage curtains, and I'm going to a professional groomer for a full head-to-toe grooming on Monday, then again on Friday for a basic touch-up. Mommy has read all the rules and instructions, but there's very little said on the website!

We were hoping you could tell us what to expect! Maybe give us some tips for being good showers! I'm extremely friendly and enjoy being held by everyone I meet, so my temperament isn't a worry. I do have a few fleas, but the groomers should take care of that, and Mommy has vacuumed and will be keeping me in a carpet-free area until after the show. She's bringing litter, food, and nail clippers to the show, along with my crate and curtains.

What are we missing? Is there anything special about how to groom a Ragdoll? Any special cut they ought to have on any part of their body? Also, I'm really curious what awards I'm eligible for winning; I'm a pedigreed Ragdoll kitten and have been entered as such.

Any input is appreciated! big grin


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I can't see your picture (nor anyone else's this am) What kind of kitty are you? Anyway, we show CFA, but it's about the same. Have the groomer clip the toenails BEFORE the show, the show hall is not the place to do it!
Practice putting Jase on a tall table or counter (Meowma uses the kitchen island and even feeds me there red face and playing with feathers, wand type toys, etc. so he won't panic when the judge sets him on the stand.
The more different people handle you the better, and leaving a radio or tv on kind of loud doesn't hurt. If you could learn to like riding in the car that would help though it's not absolutely necessary.
Also, if you are going to show seriously, you will probably want to learn to groom him yourself,do it often, and clip the nails weekly to get him used to it.