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Wondering what my kittens coloring is actually called?


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Purred: Sun May 29, '11 12:27am PST 
He looks black at first but when you realy start looking closer,he has black tabby stripes on his legs,sides,cheek's and back of his neck,and some silvery gray mixed in under his neck and chin.and sides. My camera isn't very good so I can't put a better picture up right now.
His brother is siamese looking stray that my cousin has,and we have no idea what the mom looked like.


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Purred: Sun May 29, '11 9:53am PST 
He will most likely look blacker as he ages, but he might possibly be a black smoke. Kittens do usually get darker as they age.


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Purred: Sun May 29, '11 5:19pm PST 

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There is such a thing as black tabbies. Wilbur lived with one for five months before I adopted him. I also have seen white tabbies and colorpoint cats with tabby markings in the cream area.

I read sometimes a kitten's tabby markings fade when it gets older. That's my guess for Wilbur's faint gray stripes between his head and tail.