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Have you ever thought about going even farther into naming your cat like a human, or even giving him/her a middle name? If so, then this forum is a great way to share and express that! I have given each of my cats middle names over the years, and well, here they are... Oh yeah, and first goes their first name and second goes their middle name:
Socko Jasper
Daisy May
Misty Gray

Dotty and Speedy are there cousins, they do not actually live with us.

A lot of times, middle names for cats ar often names that you were once considering, but decided to make it a different first name. Maybe there is a particular character you like who has this name, or maybe just something related to them that may add some spice to it. Either way though, they are all middle names and are all very special. Like I said, if your cat has a middle name, then show it off here! If not, then just tell us and maybe we can give you some ideas to start off with.

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The only kitty I've given a middle name to is my first cat, Kiki. Her full name was Kiki Astra the Imperial Duchess of Sheba. My family and I tried all sorts of names on Kiki when she was a kitten--Imperial (after the margarine), Sheba, Duchess, Patches and others. We thought about the name Imperial because of the old commercial back in the 80's. I saw the name Kiki in my high school French textbook and I thought that was the perfect name for her. Her middle name, Astra, is the name of an album in the 80's by the band Asia, which was my favorite band at that time. And I just put some of the other names we were considering all together and that became her full name!


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If you read my most recent Journal entries (Aug. 29, Sept. 5 and Sept. 12), you'll know that Vanessa and I both have two middle names:

Toffy Enzo Caramello
Vanessa Olivia Creamcheese



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That is quite the name you had there Kiki! smile


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My cats don't have middle names, but my vet appends my surname when sending out messages about vaccination dates, etc. Think "Fluffy Smith" and you'll get the picture (no, I have no cats named Fluffy, and I'm not named Smith).

Pedigreed cats have very complicated names. First comes the name of the cattery where they were bred. Let's use Harvey (who IS a pedigreed cat, but here under an alias) as an example. He was born into a cattery called "Mikadoland," and his given name was "Harvey." Thus, he becomes "Mikadoland Harvey." When I bought him and registered my own cattery name, Vanitas, he then became "Mikadoland Harvey of Vanitas." If I were to sell him to a person who is not a breeder, he would revert to "Mikadoland Harvey." If I were to sell him to another breeder, they would change "Vanitas" to the name of their own cattery--for example, "Mikadoland Harvey of Kingkoons" or whatever. There's a rule about how many letters you can use when registering a cat's name, though, so sometimes it's not possible for the new cattery to attach its name. The name of the cattery where the cat was born stays with it permanently, as does the given name if the cat has ever been shown under that name. Pedigree names, like racehorse names, tend to be bizarre--both the name of the cattery and of the cat itself. For this reason, many owners of pedigreed cats call them by nicknames. My cat Chibi has such a bizarre pedigree name (which I chose myself, mind you!) that I just call her "Chibi," a common pet name in Japan. If you ever have a chance, look at the CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) website breed profiles and you'll see some very weird names.

Sorry, this wasn't about middle names, but sort of related...I guess.

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omg...my family (human) has a long history of going ridiculously overboard on the pet names. our pets have longer names than we do sometimes-the vet joked that we might be baptist, but our cats were catholic and had received their confirmation names.
my dad named jake 'jake', because even as a tiny kitten jake liked to lie down with him in the mornings-and there used to be a tv show, jake and the fatman. which i will take his word for, but that's how jake became jake. but jake's full name? jacob ashley kat e. (our last name starts with an e.) yes, his initials spell his name now weren't we clever?
then along came katie, who was just a katie. i don't know, that's just what came out of my mouth. but we couldn't be that uncomplicated. oh nooo. we had to saddle the poor little black manx halfbreed with katherine alice theresa isabella e. again with the initials spelling the cat's name. katie's name would morph, too. sometimes we would sign her in at the vet (which they would graciously ignore, and simply call for 'katie')as katarina anastasia turanitsov ivanovna e. besides the fact that it was the eighties, it was during the cold war, we were teenagers and got a kick out of pretending our cat was a commie...i couldn't really even begin to explain that, but i'll hit the highlights. the town i grew up in was number five on the soviet nuclear strike list (whether this was true or not, i grew up believing it), every so often they published our new route to our assigned bomb shelter, when there was a bomb scare at my school in '84 i assumed that the ICBMs were on their way and just sat on the bleachers where they'd herded us and waited quietly for the end. in that time, in that place-military town, high-value target-it made sense to me. so our cat had a double identity.
she'd have been a great assassin. could flip a chipmunk head two stories to land looking into a child's window. intimidation A+. you are missed, katarina...but not so much the mindset that had a kid quietly waiting for annihilation and grateful the adults had brought us outside to face it, and weren't making much of a fuss.

all my cats since have had middle names, too...but later on that.


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It's Stella. I am the only one who has a middle name, but it's just used when I am being scolded. It's Marie. Everyone in our family had that as a middle name because they were Catholics.


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I got the middle name Murphy, because when I'm really happy I purr and meow at the same time and it sounds like, "Murph! Murph!" The mom decided to make it part of my name--Benjamin Murphy!
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Hi Stella, my mom's middle name is Marie, too. wink
Mom has 5 younger brothers and some of their middle names are: Matthew, Michael, Jacob and Joseph.


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Mommy gave all of us a middle namesmile She tried to make them pretty for cats! Daddy found me close to death is how I got my name. Cause finding me was Good Karma, Thus I am Karma Kitty

Charlie was named after my mommy's deceased father. because her Father had a cat that looked like Charlie does. (Years ago)

First time mommy saw Punkin, she lifted him out of a very deep box....her first words to him as a kitten was "hi there you cute little punkin. The Pooh came from Winnie of coursesmile

Bobbi has no tail....a freak of nature you might say. So Bobbi comes from bobcat. The Boi just suited the name Bobbi.

You can see by Shelly's marking that she is a tortoiseshell. Thus Mommy got the name Shelly. Mommy gave Shelly her middle name Sue.

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