So Happy...!!! Have to tell you.......


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
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Dear, dear Catster Friends.....

Have to tell you that my life has turned around (for a little while)....

I am sitting here, in my little office, with a lap full of 10 week old black kittens (my fosters), re-writing the Grandad Conrad Manuscript (I have a lady-publisher who is interested)....

I am just re-writing the bit about Grandad Conrad and Miss Boo-Boo and the snake wrestling...so FUNNY....and the tummy-fur shaved into the form of a rubber ducky for the wild Christmas party (what? two years ago?) and I just thought HOW MUCH I owe to you all.....

I am so happy...!!! with the fosters and the possibility of the book....I don't expect any of it to last....so I am taking each happy day as it comes.....

The poor little fosters have the squits...BIG TIME...but they are a happy bunch of babbies and I am hoping that, with the Vet's help we are getting it under control.....

Thank you all, and 'Hallo'.......I couldn't keep away from you ..not totally...!!!

Hope you and your Meouwmies are well and happy.....let us know?

from Tambolina and everyone (including the fosters...little pointy-faced, long-legged bundles of wonderfulness)


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
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ps. they are more or less impossible to tell apart (except by who has a sore bottom at any one time...!!!) but they are called Marvin, Maxwell and Marilyn....Maxwell has a hernia...I think that is what it is called...(his belly button sticks out)..Marilyn has some fur shaved off her head and Marvin is a 'BRUISER'...!!! he would definitely not be having tea with the Vicar...!!!


Pete- Fountain

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Oh, my lovely Miss Tambolina. I can just picture surrounded by the little kittens. My meowmy is Ohhhhing and Awwwwing....just thinking about them. Of course we are all looking forward to photos of the foster babies.

We knew your meowmy would make a great Foster Mom to kittens, and now she has some!!! Keep us posted and glad to see you back on CATSTER.

Peter, Lord Fountain of Foo Foo

Finnegan (Finney)

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Oh this is wonderful news! I'm so happy for you I'm purring up a storm. We wish you the best of luck and hope the book deal works out. That would be pawtastic. BTW, get some Eaglepack Transition Solution, chicken flavored powder and sprinkle it on the kittens food. It's a mild probiotic, very safe and healthy, no junk in it. And it stops the poopies dead in their tracks!
http://www.heartypet.com/p-230-eagle-pack-holistic-transiti on.aspx

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This is Delyte. You know we're so happy for you!! Pet all those little kittens for us--Fluff and Stella would love to play with them, Stella would be jealous and Delyte would ignore the whole thing!

Cooked sweet potato is very good for firming up watery poops too, and if they are kittens, they should eat anything? Poor little things, and poor you for having to clean up after them.

Lots of purrs from all of us to all of you! hug