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Purred: Sat Oct 2, '10 4:51pm PST 
Ughh!! Omg, ok well I have rabbits and these three little boys (6 or 7) came over to my house and put all of my rabbits in one cage! Then they knock on my door and say "Can we have a rabbit" I told them no and they asked "Can we pet a rabbit?" I said sure, i went out to where my rabbits are and I saw they put them all in one cage. This really made me mad but i told them they needed to go home and when they were across the street one of the boys picked up a cat threw it over his shoulder and slammed it on the ground!!!!! I threatend to call the police if he didnt straighten up. That little stunt they did really stressed my rabbits out, and one of the kids said the kid who slammed the cat on the ground took my rabbits out by the EARS!I know they are just young kids but they should know not to go on other people's property and mess with their animals, . A few days after that happend one of my rabbits died. frown I know this is mainly about my rabbits but the kid did slam a cat on the ground! Ugh! It just makes me so mad! Animal cruelty and abuse has to stop!