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Who is (or should be or would be or might be) the most important person in YOUR household?

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Purred: Fri Jun 4, '10 9:00am PST 
My husband tells me I am cruel and a horrible person because I get Tambolina in at (roughly) 2.00pm every day (when I get home from work)......even in the Summer......

SHE thinks she should be out until (at least) 12 midnight.....HE thinks she should be out until about 8.00pm......and I think that:

(a) his view doesnot count too much as she is MY cat..

(b) her view does not count as she gets at least 7 to 8 hours out and that is enough for anycat....!!

(c) I WORRY ABOUT HER.....and always think that when I get home is the time she should be in.........

Whose view does (or you think should) have the greatest weight.......?



and Tambolina (being a bit pissed off confused)


I am DEFINITELY- the big cheese- now......
Purred: Fri Jun 4, '10 10:03am PST 
ps......I am a 'couch potato' and so is Auntie Miss the Meouwmy does not worry about us......


Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

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Purred: Fri Jun 4, '10 12:30pm PST 
This is Delyte and his person. You know well that some of us don't think that cats should be allowed run around outside unsupervised, because of the danger of predators, cars, bad people, etc. I used to be allowed to go outside on the deck with our person for a while after dusk, the cat's favorite time. But then something scared me, I ran off into the woods and didn't come back for six days. So now I am never allowed out again, unless in the big cage. Double ditto for the Grays, who are so fast and brave that they would run off in a second. We also have to worry about something here that I know you don't have--heartworms. They are carried by mosquitos that come out around dusk, so if I go outside then, even in the cage, I will have to be constantly tested for them and take meds for them. With my bad stomach, we don't want to do that.

So, what do you have in your area that you are afraid of? Cars for sure! Predators? [We hear about those "alien big cats" who will eat cats and dogs--any in your area?]

We would say that if she is your cat and you love and worry about her, then you should set the rules. With all that has been going on with you, you do not need a missing cat to add to it. It's amazing that she does come in when you want her to! None of our person's cats would. The last indoor-outdoor cat she had was fond of banging on the door to come in at 2 AM. And then one night she never came back, and we never found out what happened to her.

You want to see her when you come home and get off work so that you know she is okay? Can you set a compromise? Make her come in when you come home from work, and then after some food or treats and petting, let her out again and try to get her back in before it gets dark. As much as cats love the dark, that is where the danger is the most, especially for black cats, who cannot be seen by cars at night. Will she wear a collar? There are glow-in-the-dark collars for cats now, but we still don't think she should go out at night.

But if you want her in at 2, then that should stick. And of course in the UK in the winter, it gets dark around 4 in the afternoon anyway, especially if the weather is bad.

Sorry, Tambi, for not taking your side, but after seeing how horribly upset our person got when Elektra disappeared and when she came looking for me, I know that these people need to be cossetted and and bowed to. They are just too fragile emotionally to deal with nature red in tooth and claw, for which one kitty is just a cog in the wheel of life and there are always more kitties. For the people, we are real individuals and they like to keep us under their wings and care for us. And they do give us these nice warm houses and lovely beds to lay on and wonderful food and all the petting. There are windows to look out of, and our person is talking about getting a screened porch to keep out the nasty mosquitos.

Of course I am getting so old and decrepit that I probably would not enjoy the outdoors anyway, so maybe I am not the right cat to tell you. Giant purrs to you and all the other kitties and to your people from all of us! wave

kaya skye

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Purred: Fri Jun 4, '10 1:27pm PST 
a quote from somewhere-don't remember where, sorry, just know i read it somewhere (i won an award in high school; "most likely to have read it in a book somewhere" and some things never change):

"a family is a tyranny run by its weakest member."

don't know if i agree, and have no idea what you'll make of it...just thought i'd throw it out there since the question was who the "most important person" in the household was...

Pete- Fountain

So happy to have- a safe and- loving home!
Purred: Sat Jun 5, '10 5:22am PST 
Tambi/Jan: Please read the last few posts in "Fake Cats". Pretty Lily Rose, Izzie's sister was killed by a car when she got out of the house. She was missing for a few days and her meowmy Joy only just found out that a cat was killed near a neighbor's house.

You may not live near a busy street, and certainly don't have coyotes as a threat, but there is so much danger to cats who go ouside. If you feel you MUST let Tambi out, take her home when you get home from work. She has had far, far, more time outside that the majority of cats.

From Lord Peter: My DEAR Miss Tambolina: PLEASE, PLEASE take care of your lovely furself. I would be broken hearted to learn that something untoward had hapened to you, my beautiful dark furred lady.

With sincere good wishes, I remain,
Peter, Lord Fountain of Foo Foo

Post Scriptum....And I am counting the days until Lady Emma's wedding, that I might have the honour of standing with you during the wedding ceremony. And Miss Maria has designed the most beautiful dress to compliment your fur and eye colour.kissing


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Sat Jun 5, '10 9:20am PST 
Dear People and horribly coincidental that I wrote my thread at the same time as Lily Rose went to the Rainbow Bridge......I am so sorry for Izzie and family.......

But I wrote my question because, indeed, I have to struggle every day against Brian begging me NOT to get Tambi in and telling me I am cruel and against Tambi, coming when I call (I rattle a plate with a fork and scream her name about twenty times) but rushing off as soon as I try to grab her......each day is a nightmare..and I feel so GUILTY trying to get her in early when she obviously loves the outside!!! I have now decided that what I WANT is as important as what SHE WANTS so I try to compromise with her....and ignore Brian...!!!

I do understand that in America there are SO MANY dangers for cats.....there are some here, but not many......mainly cars.......and we are taught, it is drummed into us, that cats are semi-feral creatures and MUST be let I not only have to fight against Brian and Tambi herself, but against my own guilt.......

Heartworm sounds horrible...I have sort-of heard about only cats get it? Do many cats get it? Is it curable?

Dear, there are supposed to be alien big cats around.....panthers, pumas.....but you see things on the television about them....someone has seen one.....then you get a distant shot of something that might be....something.....!! I think they must be apocryphal....!!

Kaya Skye.....what a 'brain-teasing' quote.....I shall be puzzling about that for some time.....

Faye and the New Orleans kitties.....thank you for posting......again, I really feel for Izzie and family.....that is what I dread every day........

Thank you all for writing....



No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Sat Jun 5, '10 9:30am PST 
OOOhhh, dear Lord Peter....OOOhhh how you make me blush...!!! But I, too, long for Lady Emma's nuptial day.....I do so desire her happiness (and that of the dear Mr Chadwick, of course)...but I long to be with you and, perhaps, you will hold my paw a little and look into my eyes and, perhaps, stroke my whiskers.......there, I have said it....!!!

I will bring some Marmite (in case twirling would be in order)and Auntie Miss Lillie will bring some mouse-pies......and Colin will, hopefully, bring Miss Kyande Kisu......!!!!

My dear sir.....perhaps we could also have just a little kiss behind the bicycle sheds kissing

Your excited and hopeful Tambolina

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Sat Jun 5, '10 11:29am PST 
This is Delyte. Heartworm used to be considered a disease only of dogs--and other outdoor animals who were not pets--and it used to be something only found in the southern part of the US and in swampy areas. Due to global warming, the mosquitoes who carry the heartworm eggs have spread to the southern 2/3 of the US, anywhere where the winters are not cold enough to kill off the mosquitoes. The mosquito inject the eggs when they bite the animal, and they hatch and go all over the animal's circulatory system, causing big tangles of worms in the blood vessels, which eventually will kill the animal. It still can only be cured by large injections of arsenic, which are very hard on the animal and can kill weakened animals. Almost all dogs in the US in the affected areas now take heartworm medications. They now say that cats who go outside need to take medications too. I have seen mosquitoes bite Delyte when we used to sit outside. Delyte was tested when he came back from his expedition outside in 2005, but lately I am wondering with his coughing if he does not have them.

I never did understand why the British, who are such intelligent and civilized people, have such odd ideas about cats. Why should cats be even semi-feral any more after all of these years of living with people? They have pushed it back to about 9K years now. Yes, cats and dogs like being outside exploring and killing other animals, but it causes them to live much shortened lives and they have a terrible effect on the environment. The British--or perhaps more properly the English--who build tunnels under roads for toads and other wild animals, should be interested in keeping killing animals out of the ecosystem, instead of encouraging them.

Perhaps the English are so tender-hearted to their animals that they cannot deny them anything, but in this case, people do know better than cats. You can't explain the dangers of the outdoors to a cat, or even cars. I had a cat book written in the 60s by a British vet who thought cats should always go outdoors, and then his cat died from eating a poisoned bird. But it apparently still did not change his mind. and he did think he could teach cats how to be afraid of road crossing and cars.

We would also miss Tambolina so much if she got hit by a car or some other sudden loss. Like they said, she is lucky to be able to be out a little in the day time, and she should stay inside with her person and the other cats the rest of the day. It's very hard to keep them inside once you have let them run free, so it's best to not let them out as soon as you start with a new kitten.

We keep hearing that the evidence for big cats is fairly persuasive, particularly if you are a farmer and find your sheep ripped up. With the number of pet large cats that were probably dumped outside in 1976 when it was made illegal to have them as pets, there would have to be a few. Why they almost always are black is odd, though.

Purrs to Tambi, and we hope she lives a long and healthy life!


Has been COTD!
Purred: Tue Jun 8, '10 5:02am PST 
Regarding letting cats outdoors: I don't. Many Tokyoites feel as Tambi does, and let their cats outdoors daily, thinking that it would be cruel if they didn't. Here, we don't have rabies, coyotes, or heartworm (I think), but we sure have FIV, FeLV, and CARS. Today I took a taxi to work, and saw something squished on the road--blood and guts--that was too small to be an armadillo, and too large to be a rat. I assumed it was a kitty (there are lease laws here, so it was unlikely to be a dog), which seemed like a bad omen for the day (obviously, bad for the cat--well, omen refers to the future, but you know what I mean), but I'm superstitious, and indeed, there was another unpleasant moment at work today.

As I wrote on "Fake Cats," my first Tokyo cat was regularly allowed out for her nightly stroll, but one night never came back, and the SO I was living with at the time and I never really got over it, and eventually broke up. Now, not only do I never let my cats out, I never even open the windows, because the cats can slide open the screens. Windows shut all summer long, air conditioning going full blast. Actually, that's supposed to be good for Maine Coons, and I like it, too.

But your question is "Who is the most important person in your household?" When I first read this, I assumed you were speaking from the cat's (or cats') point of view. Well, I am not the only Catster who is the only Human in a household of cats. I call the shots, but they get their revenge. They are not vindictive. They just think that because there are more of them than us, they have precedence. Talk about attitude. Sometimes I think I'm just their factotum--I feed and water them, change their litter pans--really, little better than a scullery maid. Who is the most important Human in this household? Me, of course, but I rank #14 after he #13 cats.


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Purred: Tue Jun 8, '10 6:32am PST 
Um, that's "leash laws." Only applies to doggies.

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