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I need help picking a cat name!

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Mister Grey- (Striped- Seven)

TICA M.S. (HHP- Champion)
Purred: Tue May 25, '10 11:20pm PST 
Kaya I love your name! smile

Thanks Harvey, yep this is Roxy's family!
I had to pick something quick for Mr Grey because I thought we were going to enter another show right away (it's this weekend) and I wanted to get him registered before then... But we're not going to be able to go to the show after all. frown
Unfortunately there are very few shows that are near enough for us to get to due to limited transportation... It's really too bad too because Harlequin has done really well and I think she could get up to the higher level titles and possible a regional award if only we could get to a few more shows... (knock on wood!)


Has been COTD!
Purred: Sun May 30, '10 7:19am PST 
Actually, not all my MCs are here under psuedonyms. Only the ones with show careers that can be accessed by the Internet. This has less to do with paranoia than the fact that I don't wan't people in the Japanese cat world to know my real opinion of things.

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