Strangest cat names?


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I'm a writer (and cat owner) researching a story about the most unusual cat names. I was wondering if anyone at Catster has a cat with a weird name, and if you'd be willing to share the story behind it!

If so, I'll need your cat's breed/color pattern, info on why you bestowed a weird name, your city (or nearest metropolitan area) and your name, though I'm not sure if you can post that info here for privacy reasons?? You can e-mail me at marchcheri@yahoo.com if that seems more appropriate. If you're not comfortable doing that, though, I'd still be interested in reading about all the wacky/one-of-a-kind names out there!

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the problem here is that strange is in the eye of the beholder. may i suggest you click on "see the cats!" over there on your left...yes, yes, over there!big grin...and take a cat stroll, parameters defined by you. would you like to look at kittens? at the newest catster members? at a certain breed? at adoptable kitties? there are many ways to take a catster stroll...and all of them will showcase kitties' names. try it, you'll liiiike it...way to go

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How's about Chuck? My human thought the marking on my head looked like the tan/white face of his uncle Chuck in a picture he had and at the time he thought I was male. By the time he discovered I was female I was already use to the name.


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I agree--just look around the page and you will see all kinds of names, from the "usual", to the very unusual, to totally made up. When you see a name that is weird to you, you can look at that cat's page to see if there's a story, or pmail them--heck, I think there is even a thread here somewhere about how kitties got their names.

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Fui was named after a Tongan footballer. His tabby stripes looked like his cornrows.

At the clinic I work in, there is a family of golden Burmese kitties named Sandwich, Biscuit and Breakfast. They are very cute.


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People think Church is an odd name. It depends what you think is strange, I guess!


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I've heard that shelters often name a new load of cats according to a certain theme--famous football teams, etc. I'm a small-scale Maine Coon breeder, and I've been naming my kittens after buildings at Harvard--hey, if it's good enough for Harvard, it's good enough for me, right? And Harvard has lots of buildings with good old New England names, perfect for America's New England cat. This last litter was named after a few of Harvard's 90+ libraries. I don't think I'm going to run out of names, but some of the buildings at Harvard have rather strange names--Wigglesworth, anyone? Cat show people tend to give their catteries and their cats rather bizarre names--sort of like racehorse names. There's one cattery registered under the name of "Priapus." Hmm. When and if the people who buy my cats choose to show or breed them, the pedigree name stays the same, but at home, the owners usually call the cat by its nickname. Even I usually don't call my cats by their "real" name.