What Is the Best Way to Remove Cat Hair From Bedding?

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Purred: Tue Dec 22, '09 12:09am PST 
Cat hair....everywhere! Maximus and Dora sleep on my bed with me and their hair is allover the place. I've just put new bedding on a few days ago and don't want to wash it again. Is there anyway I can get the hair off without washing the bedding or will I just have to change the bedding once every few days? It seems like all I do is laundry thanks to these little furrballs! I don't mind it so much on my clothes or the furniture...I just don't like to sleep with it.


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Purred: Tue Dec 22, '09 2:12am PST 
I think they sell cat hair repllellent sheets. Check the Internet.

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Purred: Tue Dec 22, '09 7:39am PST 
i have given up on cat hair.

but you can try sticky lint rollers, tape or even just wet your hand and wipe it over the sheets

or while your not in the bed put a 'cat blanket' over it to get the hair, then when your ready for bed take the blanket off

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Purred: Tue Dec 22, '09 9:20am PST 
what tiny said, but also, investigate options for heading it off at the pass. more frequent grooming sessions, and maybe try different grooming methods? the more fur you pick out of the comb or the furminator, the less fur on the sheets.

or...well, i'm seeing less fur right now because kaya obsessively grooms herself and her sib...herself so obsessively that she's deveoped psychogenic alopecia. in other words, she's grooming herself bald. it's a stress thing, a long story, and we're working on it. point is, it got cold and she still looks pretty mangy, so to keep her from going hypothermic (we live in michigan) the vet suggested a sweater.
stunner...she likes them. more likely, she just likes not freezing. and now there's even less kaya-fur around. if they'll tolerate "sleepwear" at night, and you cover the bed with a "cat blanket" while you guys aren't in bed? ya think? maybe a plan?


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Purred: Thu Dec 24, '09 6:41pm PST 
I should have been more specific in my answer. In cat magazines, I've seen bed sheets that are supposed to repel cat hair. Hmm...I wonder about that. How about satin sheets? I bet hair won't stick to that.


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Shane decided that he likes to sleep in my bed, so what I do it use a fabric covered lint brush and bam...cat hair is gone...10 minutes late he's back on the bed so it's like...a non win situation! I also try to brush him often, it really helps. With my cat Lady we had a cat blanket for her to sleep on, she had a lot of hair shedding and didn't like getting brushed


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Purred: Thu Dec 24, '09 10:46pm PST 
The occasional bath is also an excellent way to get rid of dead and loose fur. Barring that, using the Zoom Groom is also excellent. I have one short haired cat and the rest are medium haired, and I can tell you that Spike sheds more than any of them. What you want to get out is the dense undercoat, which insulates in winter and falls out in spring (or all the year round). For that, the Zoom Groom and Furminator are good, but so is a metal comb, available at your local pet store. Groomers and cat show exhibitors swear by their metal combs. Now, MY problem is that I don't vacuum enough to get rid of hair on the floor, mine included...
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Purred: Thu Dec 31, '09 11:23am PST 
Our house is for sale and when we have a showing, I always go over the (white) futon in our bedroom where the dogs (one black and one brown/white) sleep with a Pledge pet hair remover thing. You can get them in the grocery store on the furiture wax shelf. It works like a miracle! It's expensive and non-refillable, but very much worth the price. Give it a try! way to go


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I have 2 cats, and that hair on the clothes was real problem. I searched for the solutions of it, and collected different methods of removing pet hair. But firs of all you, certanly, must take care of your pet, to prevent shed. So, keep your pet well groomed, because it's by far the most important step you can take in controlling the hair in your home. Regular bathing, brushing and combing will remove old hair, mats and dander. People often think that shorthaired pets don't shed. They do! They just shed shorter hair. Brushing is just as important for these cats. A brush, comb, mat remover or grooming glove used for a few minutes every day will help collect dead hair that you can throw away instead of finding it all over the house. Removing loose hair also reduces the incidence of hairballs. Some tricks to remove pet hair are well described here: http://removepethair.blogspot.com/


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put on one of those yellow rubber gloves (like for washing dishes) and rub your hand over the bedding- all the fur clumps together and you can just pick it up. it works really well.

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