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Maru : Fat- little pudding!
Purred: Sun Dec 13, '09 8:23am PST 
Hello guys,

My meowmy is a new poster here - but reads it all the time! Anyway, she's been getting very stressed out recently because all is not well with her research - she is doing a survey just now and no one wants to do it - so I thought I'd rally round all my catty friends and ask for their help! It would take you all about ten minutes, and looks, primarily at social problem solving skills - how you solve everyday problems. You don't need to give her any identifiable details (only your email - if you want updates etc). I'd be grateful if you could help out - then she'd have more time to lavish love on me!
Thanks. The web address is: http://psych.vi0.us/survey.php
In return I'll make my meowmy come on here more and take part in the discussion boards smile
Thank you all my kitty friends!


♥- Suey- ♥

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We got our mum to do your survey, Maru. You are an outrageously cute little kitten!smile

kaya skye

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i made mom take your survey, maru...us OCD kitties are hard to say 'no' to.big grin (if you do, we get stressed and tear out even more fur!)
welcome to the forums, come back often and play!dancing


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Meowma filled it out--she actually likes doing things like this now and then, especially if it helps someone with a kitty as cute as you are!big grin