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Purred: Sun Dec 6, '09 10:05am PST 
is anyone else having problems with the forums not updating?? my dates and times are for yesterday afternoon and nothing after that??

very confused thinking

Benny Grunch

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Purred: Sun Dec 6, '09 3:09pm PST 
Yes, we are also. On the Forum page it shows a post being made today, Sunday, December 6 - but when you open the Forum there is nothing. And then in the Forum -"Crazy Cat Ladies" it came up, but the last post was on Thursday.

CATSTER must have fleas, or the staff is having too much egg nog.....MOL...MOL. And we made a post in "Fake Cats" and it never showed up at all.

Glad we are not the only ones seeing this.....

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Purred: Sun Dec 6, '09 6:01pm PST 
Gee, I thought it was only because all the other Catsters had such great social lives that they didn't have enough time to post on weekends...

Apollo (In- Memory)

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Purred: Sun Dec 6, '09 7:41pm PST 
Yep, Mr. B . . . . we're all having trouble.
I'm just not sure whether it's a bunch of little fleas or one BIG, dinosaur-sized flea.

thinking shock laugh out loud
HQ is aware.

kaya skye

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Purred: Fri Dec 11, '09 3:49pm PST 
thank you, apollo...harvey, as usual, subscribes to the: "when in doubt, find a way to feel inferior about it" school of thought. nice work, harvey-chan.hail