How old is the oldest cat you've ever had?

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Terrence- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Handsome Boy
Purred: Tue Jan 12, '10 6:54pm PST 
Growing up we had a cat that lived to be 21. Miss Mert was my mom's big, black, loud-mouthed cat that she got when she came back home from college, moved back in with her parents and started paying rent there. By the time she met and married my dad, my grandfather Popsy had gotten attached to her, so there she stayed.

18 years later, Popsy passed away, and my mom took Mert to live with her once more. At first, Mert hated everyone in the family except my mom (including the two cats we already had!). We loved her, and she grew to, well, tolerate the rest of us. We had three very interesting years with this cranky old girl before she passed on.

So that's the oldest cat I've lived with. The other two we had lived to be 18 and 20. Must be something in the air out there in the country where I grew up!

Terrence, Merrin and Merlin's mom

Sylvester- (forever in- my heart

Purred: Thu Jan 14, '10 11:29am PST 
Sylvester is just now 16, he is the oldest I've had. I didn't have kitties growing up. I hope he hangs on for a looong time, there would be mayhem in the house if he was gone, he's like the disciplicarian of the other animals!

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I'll be 21 next October. I want you all to know that I am finally getting married, yep, we met in Olde Furts group and we plan to wed on Feb 12th and I'll have a diary entry with the link to our wedding. Tansey Fancy and I will be soooooooo happy. She's 16!

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