How old is the oldest cat you've ever had?

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Just wondering. Princess here is pushing 16 or so. kitty

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Hello Princess.

I went to the bridge when I was 19. My brother Charlie was around 20-21 although Mum isnt 100%.

When Mum was a child they had a kitty that lived to 21 too.

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Emma Barrett

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The oldest cat our meowmy was ever owned by was a fluffy white cat named Creme Puff. She lived to be 19 years old, and went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2002. Meowmy says she hopes all of us live at least that long.

There is a cat on CATSTER who was over 30 when it went to the Rainbow Bridge. We are sure the cat will post to this Forum

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This is Delyte. So far, I am the oldest cat our person has raised from kittenhood, at 14 years and 4 months and still feisty! Almost all of her cats have died at 12 with kidney failure.

The oldest cat she had was a very charismatic cat that she acquired from a friend. Elektra was a semi-feral cat who had lived indoors and out and had survived two severe strikes by cars. She lost her tail to the last one, and had a bunch of pins in her insides, but she would not stay inside. Her person had to relocate to an urban area where she could not go outside and was going to have her PTS, even though she was healthy enough. Our person intervened and brought her home with us, where she could go inside and out into the woods behind us. Even though she only weighed 5 pounds and had all of those injuries, she was an alpha cat and kept me and Peri in line while she was here. She was 15 when she came here, and 17 when she went out one night in August, 2000, and never came home. We do not know what happened to her, whether someone else took her inside or she went off and died on her own or the coyotes got her. Oddly enough, one of her brothers did the same thing the very same week.

Our person's grandmother had a cat that lived to age 21, on a horrible diet, going outside on an urban street, not even getting neutered until he was 10. Some cats are very tough, and some, like our late Peri, are sickly their whole lives.


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My cat Tabitha is the oldest kitty we've ever had at 17. She'll be 18 on March 5!

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I'm the oldest my human has had. I turned 12 in May.

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I don't know for sure because our older cats were rescues we got as adults so we didn't know their ages for sure. We were told that Sneakers was 11 when we got her in 2004 which would make her about 15 now assuming that was her correct age.

Sylvia our previous cat was also an adult when we got her, and the friend we got her from had gotten her as an adult when Sylvia just walked into her house one day so no one knew her age for sure... We had her for at least 11 or 12 years though so I think she must have been at 16 at the very least when she passed away.


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My mom had a cat that passed away at 21. But, I haven't owned too many cats... so Noble is as old as it gets so far for me. laugh out loud


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My first cat that I had as a child lived to be about 15. And my bridge baby Felix lived to be 17.

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Benjy hun didn't you once have a 3 legger kitty named Spider, and he was all black, and you adopted him out to somebody, and he lived to be 18?
Anyway the oldest cats my family's had were 6, but they wern't really ours. But, my mom saw a cat in cat fancy a couple summers ago that lived to be 36.

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