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Does anyone know where Tambolina & Co. are???

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No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Thu Mar 5, '09 7:56am PST 
people and pussycats.......yes, please keep on with the 'pink' stories........anaesthesia, internal workings, it's all 'grist to the mill'.....keep them coming, please.........

(this is Jan here) My favourite anaesthesia story was when I had the only operation I have ever had in my they wheeled me down to the operating theatre I truly thought I was going to die and said 'God have mercy on my soul' minute I was awake again.......and I still don't know if God will have mercy on my soul........!!!!

No, what I really wanted to talk about was cat feeding (ok wrong thread and wrong forum) BUT my cats (all my cats through 35-40 years of cat owning) have always eaten EVERYTHING.....I have ensured that this is so.......from tiny, baby cats I have fed them as many things as I think they will eat and have kept this up throughout their lives.......and they have always lived to be old (except the ones who got run over) freaks me out that there are so many cats on 'Cat Health' who have all sorts of internal troubles.....WHY? See what I mean.....?

Any thoughts?


RADDY (my- heart's- darling)

I am still my- Meouwmy's- Beloved....
Purred: Fri Mar 6, '09 7:55am PST 
no, it's true, I do wonder why so many cats get internal troubles at a young age (especially urinary the cat food on offer in the shops not good?) BUT two things I want to say to you all.....

(1) Grandad Conrad had to go to the vets today.......Brian took him (I was at work).........(he had been having the squits and being sick for two days and he is so old that I thought he ought to go).....ANYWAY....the vet was a very young girl....(just out of Veterinary school I imagine)......and she was TERRIFIED of Grandad........Brian held him down for most of the examination......but the poor girl said 'I don't think I will check his temperature'!!!!........

It's funny (if you know Grandad).....but I WISH it had been our usual vet who has known Grandad for all his life...........

ANYWAY he is just a bit de-hydrated.....he's OK.......and looking forward to the PARTY tomorrow........

Don't forget, now.........


Little Mamma

There is no such- thing as just a- cat.
Purred: Fri Mar 6, '09 5:29pm PST 
We here are all very glad to here that grandad is alright!!!! Push the water on him!!!

Purrhaps you might like to try one of those fountain thingees??? Mom got one for Miss Skitzee of the blue eyes when she was coming on in years. She was always a big drinker (laugh out loud ) but really enjoyed the fresh tub water. So mom got her one. Me and Zoe would really not have much to do with it. Purrhaps we were too young??? Anyhoots---- give it a go! As you get older you need to drink. Alot!
heehee! maybe it really depends on what you are drinking??? heehehe!!!

Much love to all of you!!! Looking forward to the pawty in Inglund!!!!

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