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Purred: Mon Sep 8, '08 10:06am PST 
I have a dumb question about a thread on IAMS that was closed. Someone commented on "PETA and ALF," and I would like to have clarification regardng this. I know about PETA (anyone with a computer and an interest in animals can hardly NOT know about them), but what about ALF? I was recently informed that ALF is the main character (ALF meaning "Alien Life Form") in an American sitcom. (Not living in America, I was totally oblivious to ALF's existence until last week.) What in the Great Cat's name does PETA have to do with ALF? Don't tell me that they object to aliens on sitcoms too...

Lucy Nooner

Purred: Mon Sep 8, '08 11:36am PST 
Hi Harvey wave

In addition to being the name of an alien on an 80's tv show, ALF also stands for a group called Animal Liberation Front. I am thinking that may have been what the poster in the other thread was referring to. big grin


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Alf eats cats....


kaya skye

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yes, indeed...Alf eats cats!!! i second cheyanne'seekeekand raise iteek

ALF is the animal liberation front. as i understand it, they believe every domesticated animal is enslaved or a political prisoner or being exploited, and it is their position that they should all be "freed" and return to the wild state which is their natural heritage...someone should remind them that humans are animals too, and as such should return to the forests, savannahs, caves and whatnot from which we sprang-sans clothing, tools, and iPods.

(note: mommy wants an iPod, but can't currently afford one. she's somewhat obsessed as a result...)


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Meowma and I believe all these people have way too much time and money on their hands, especially the ALF nuts. No way am I a slave, since I rule the house here, as it should be.


Purred: Thu Apr 2, '09 9:53am PST 
PETA and ALF are animal killing eugenics cults, it used to be a conspiracy, now it's mainstream news that PETA kills thousands of animals, cats and dogs a year, they are complete sickos and need to be stopped. Just Google - PETA kills animals - and look in the news section. This is just sick.


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Well, much as we find this Alf character terrifying, mom (who was alive in the 80s, while we wer not) tells us that the joke was that Alf was supposed to eat cats, and really really wanted to, but his schemes to capture the neighboring cats were always foiled (either by the cats or someone else) at the last minute. That was pretty much half of what made the show funny, mom says. So (mom adds) technically there is no proof that Alf the alien ever ate any cats during his stay on Earth, despite him very much wanting to. big grin


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Purred: Thu Apr 2, '09 3:30pm PST 
Bumpurr a slave??? Its more like the other way around, mol, I am his
slave, he got me pretty well trained. Dogs have Masters, Cats have Staff. big grin

About PETA, well........ only a true die hard NFL fan is going to comprehend
and understand this, and........ thank PETA, for what they did! way to go

Here's the scoop.

We all know about Michael Vick and the dogfighting.

Michael Vick was the QB of the Atlanta Falcons, and a very talented player,
who made millions, playing for the Falcons, and all his endorsements.

For years, NFL players, got away with crap, drugs, shootings, etc and
nobody did anything.

Along comes Roger Goodell, new Commissioner of the NFL, who is now
getting tough on these players, for their personal conduct off the field.

PETA demanded, that Goodell suspend Vick, Goodell, said, well.... lets
wait and see what happens in the court. PETA said, well @#$%^&* you!
We are going to sit outside NFL Headquarters, until you do suspend him!
And they did. Goodell said...... whoaaaaaa, don't want this negativity
surrounding the NFL, he worked too hard to clean up the image.

BAMMM, Vick is suspended, indefinately.

PETA demanded, that Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons,
suspend Vick, Blank said, well...... lets wait and see what Goodell is going
to do. PETA said, well, !@#$%^&* you, we are going to sit outside
the Atlanta Falcons training camp, until you do suspend him! And they did.
Blank said.......whoaaaaa, don't want this negativity surounding the
Falcons, going into training camp, and the season.

BAMMM, Vick is suspended, indefinately.

PETA says, thank you Roger Goodell, thank you Arthur Blank, have a
nice season.

Soooooo, Nike and all the other companies, said, hey, we don't want him
either, don't want that negativity, he is gone!!!

Some of the dogs were destroyed, most were rehabilited and have great

So PETA says, hey Vick, ya want to do a public service spot, for the
Humane Assoc, apologize, and show some sincere remorse. And, oh by the
way, you gotta remimburse us, for the care of the dogs.

Vick says, he ain't going to apologize, or show any remorse, and oh, by
the way, he wants to be paid for it. PETA says, I don't think so, enjoy

Vick did a plea deal, got 24 months, and believe he is getting out in June.

So the NFL announcers and experts, at the end of last season, start
talking about, ya, some team could really use Vick.

They have not a clue, it ain't ever gonna happen, because..............
what ever team, should possibly take him, thats were PETA is going to
show up, and sit there, and stay there.

No NFL owner wants that kind of negative pubblicity!!!!!!!

And, he is only going to "come back", **if** Goodell decides to reinstate
him, which, where do you think PETA is going back to??

So, say what you will about PETA, but you can thank them, for getting
Vick out of the NFL, and never to return. applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause

♥- Suey- ♥

Purred: Thu Apr 2, '09 6:31pm PST 
PETA wanted all the Vicktory dogs euthanised, rather than them become celebrity dogs (as did the HSUS). If it wasn't for the wonderful people at Best Friends, BAD RAP etc, they would all be dead. PETA did nothing to ultimately care for them. Their inhumanity should be deplored, rather than allowing them to bask in reflected glory.

That whackjob Daphna Nachminovitch, a spokeswoman for PETA, wanted them euthanized because 'they're not adoptable as pets'.

"These dogs are a ticking time bomb. Rehabilitating fighting dogs is not in the cards. It's widely accepted that euthanasia is the most humane thing for them." (http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/08/23/sportsline/main3198613.sh tml).
Dan Shannon said it was best for all concerned, because rehabilitation was very hard.

Tell that to the dogs at the VickDogBlog, you crazy profanities! http://vickdogsblog.blogspot.com/
Every dog on that blog is a rehabilitated former member of Bad Newz Kennels. Yes, even the ones you see playing with kids and snoozing with cats. And the dogs being rehabilitated were not just on the outside of the operation (where you could then say they wouldn't have been too affected). Lucas and Georgia are regarded as two of the friendliest dogs. Lucas was a former champion, and Georgia had all her teeth pulled to stop her hurting males in repeated matings. PETA called for these dogs to not even be evaluated!

After the evaluations, some of the dogs were classed as unsuitable for rehoming, and are being allowed to live out their lives at Best Friends, where they are learning that people are ok. Only a couple were euthanised early on, and health played the biggest part.

Thank the Heavens that Rebecca Huss was appointed as counsel for the dog's interests, so what was best for them was not caught up in all the politicking.

Vick was ordered to pay nearly a million in restitution by the Court. It had nothing to do with PETA. And PETA didn't get the money, because they did bugger all for the dogs. Also, Nike dropped Vick's new line prior to Blanck's conference.

PETA is good at spinning fairy stories, but please don't get sucked in by them.


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Fri Apr 3, '09 3:43pm PST 
Who sat outside NFL headquarters and demanded that Goodell
suspend Vick? big grin

Who sat outside the Falcons training camp, and demanded that Blank
suspend Vick? big grin

Vick is due to be released July 20, after serving a 23 month sentence, he
is up for parol, per say, in May, and may be allowed to do house arrest.
As of right now, he is supposed to work for a contractor, 40 hrs a week,
and his agent is pushing for him to return to the NFL next season, where
in his words, he can make millions.

Its up to Goodell weather or not to reinstate him, and if he does, which
ain't gonna happen, Atlanta still owns Vick, they can keep him, trade him,
or release him. They ain't gonna keep him, they are happy with the QB
they have now, and no team is going to take him.

PETA already said, wherever Vick goes, thats where they will be, and no
NFL owner wants that.

I don't usually stick up for PETA, I did once on one of the cat show boards,
got very nice emails from them, this was way before the Vick thing, forget
now even what the discussion was, or even before I really knew what they
were all about, got "corrected" by my cat show friends. And........told
they think nothing of coming into cat shows, and taking your cat.

Anybody who would try and take Bumpurr, is going to get shot, survirors,
will be shot again.

Anyhow, asked these people who sent me very nice emails, to help me
with a puppy mill, and these very nice people, basicly told me, not to
bother them again, so OK, PETA can stick it in their hat, won't ever
stick up for them again.

But in this one case, they were the ones, that got Vick suspended.

Or maybe everyone would prefer, what usually happens with the NFL
players, a 2 game suspension and a fine, which to them, that make
millions, is pocket change, and they laugh about it.

Without PETA's support, thats all that would have happened.

Not sticking up for them, just stating a fact. big grin

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