Fake Cats? Huh?

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Jillian- Grace

Choose Life! I'm- glad Mom did!
Purred: Wed May 7, '08 7:50am PST 
So this is where the *philosopher*existentialist*pre-med*fake-cat detectives* hang out!!!! wave

We're wondering about a possible sub-group of fake-cats being that of...........disappearing-cats!!!!

We know of a Catster who fell madly in love with one who joined-and-disappeared in one week! thinking In that time she managed to update her page twice and amass hundreds of friends . Hmmm thinking

Has anyone encountered this phenomenon? confused

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!hail

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Has been COTD!
Purred: Wed May 7, '08 8:43am PST 
All I know was that I put in a singles ad as a kind of joke and was immediately being pursued by some very pretty but also very persistent lady cats! It was kind of scary! The ad was fake, and while I'm a real cat, there's a human being behind me who most people realize is a female, and yet I was being pursued like, for real, by these dames! My Meowmy realized for the first time how scary it can be to be a male!
laugh out loud

P.S. Yes, we are very existentialist and philosophical here! (The pre-med would be my dorky sister, Chibi.) We welcome anyone with a wacky and nonsensical sense of humor--or just a sense of confusion about the meaning of life. We cover it all.


They call me- Miss- Independent!
Purred: Wed May 7, '08 5:00pm PST 
Hi Jillian!
Yes, we have encounter that situation several times. The best thing to do is just ignore it. And Harvey, having a kitty pursue you like a stalker is scary! We've had that happen to us too! Like I said, we just ignore it and hope it goes away!

Sesshoumaru- (Sesshy)

mrrrr? wanna- play?
Purred: Wed May 7, '08 8:30pm PST 
Well I come when called, greet mommy when she gets home from work, follow daddy around the house and love people (even the vet) Maybe I'm a dog trapped in a cat's body? shrug


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Wed May 7, '08 8:52pm PST 
You and me both, Sesshu.

Everyone who's ever met me agrees that I might be part dog. I "ask" for food ("begging" is beneath me, so it's more of a "hey, lady, aren't you supposed to load the new compartment?" meow), I fetch balls (but only for dad), and never want to be alone, ever. I go belly up like a dog for pretty much 95% of all the people I know. This is kind of puzzling to me, because I don't even like dogs, so how could I have picked up on their manners? thinking

OTOH, dad has lived with dogs most of his life, so he offered me some reassurance: he said that dogs don't jump on counters unless there is food involved, and they definitely don't shred TP or try to open cabinet doors just to explore inside them. laugh out loud


Loki the Maine- Coon Cat
Purred: Thu May 8, '08 6:51am PST 
Yep- I'm a dog in a cat suit too!dog
Except I smell better than most dogs .
I fetch, I meet my pawrents at the door, I beg, I like to have my belly rubbed....
I once met a real dog- we were the same size ! he was kinda nice - I went right up to him and said hello buddy!
But who am I really? Mama looks into my eyes and says "Who are you Loki? You are an old soul, you've been around a lot, who are you? "
And I just look back at her knowingly and I'm not telling her. I'll remain mysterious- thats the cat in me shrug

Louis- Armstrong - ILM

I'm walkin' to- New Orleans.....
Purred: Thu May 8, '08 9:29am PST 
We always enjoy reading your posts Harvey. Today my typist is not up to getting into "deep" topics. She is a work, the a/c is not working (this is New Orleans people). All the doors and windows are open, but that also makes for a breeze that blows papers all over the place.

By the way, meowmy says I may be a dog trapped in a cat suit. I like to roll over and have my tummy rubbed, will sit up for a treat, walk on a leash and LOVE to give kisses. In fact, one of my nicknames is THE SMOOCHINATOR.

Oh Harvey - if you are getting too many paw-mails from any kitty and want to stop it, you can hit the "Block User" button on the right hand side of the message. Good Luck....

Louis Armstrong, Emma Barrett, Benny Grunch & Pete Fountain

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I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Thu May 8, '08 10:20am PST 
Louie Armstrong's meowmy,

dad has family who lives in New Orleans, and he grew up there. Mom is from elsewhere, but she has visited NO in May before, and so she knows that AC is a must in town for much of the year, so she has a good idea of what a horrible day you are having! frown

Based on what you cats are telling me, I think we should start a cat support group on catsters called "Dogs trapped in a cat suit". That might make it easier to compare notes. I am trying to convince meowmy to go for it, or at least to get off her ass and see if there's already a group like that out there...

Update: there's lots of groups out there for cats who like to be friends with dogs, and viceversa, but none about cats with dog personality disorders that mom could see. Feeling that there is a need out there, I convinced mommy to create a group. It's called "Dogs trapped in a cat suit". P-mail me if you'd like an invite.

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Wild Hunter -- in my- immagination
Purred: Thu May 8, '08 12:28pm PST 
Excuse me, but how could your dignity even accept that you are a DOG??????

I fully beg to differ. While it's possible that you *may* *possibly* SHARE some traits with thsoe icky barking annoyances, there is no posiblity that you are a dog in a kitty uniform. it would be just... Chilling to the bone.

I suspect it is simply that being the evolved creatures we are, you simply choose to elect to please your furless caretakers by PRETENDING to be dogs.


Loki the Maine- Coon Cat
Purred: Thu May 8, '08 1:24pm PST 
Horus, perhaps some of us embody what the humans consider the best features of dogs so we end up being percieved as dog-like, yet we are not dogs trapped in a cat suit? Trapped makes it sound bad.
Perhaps we were indeed once dogs, but have come back as a better creature - the cat. Hmmm more food for thought.
I do like being a cat, and I think I am good at it, so I like being in my catsuit , whatever I am!!
Now my sister Maggie- mama says she is the most human cat she has ever met ( and that is in a good way, not bad human traits)

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