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Hey everybody. My mom is a little worried about me having "insecurity" issues. I like to nurse. I know lots of kitties nurse, but I like to nurse A LOT. Sometimes I will nurse for hours at night and I get very distressed when I can't nurse my mom. I knead really hard and sometimes I drool!!! Mom is worried that I may be insecure based on my history with abuse. She doesn't mind me doing it, but worries that she's not doing enough to make me feel safe. Do you guys think this is a problem or am I okay?


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Hi Keoke Bunny--I guess you ran into some mean times when you were a baby, but your family sounds wonderful now! It's okay about the lettuce...I love lettuce...and we know we're not really rabbits. I was adopted at a pet store when I was a tiny kitten, and although I was healthy the cat mother was told later that I may not have come from a very nice place. I tell you this, because I too like to "nurse" -- or I guess you could call it that! I knead and suck my thumb. Always did. At first the cat mother thought like yours that I was insecure and had bad experiences and would grow out of it. Uh uh. I'm "old" now and, well, I still suck my paw. I don't lick off fur or chew or do any damage except make it wet. I am not neurotic and am probably the most serene cat around. I slurp a little and it surprises some people when I get on their lap and cuddle and slurp... no harm done, and I am happy and loved.
prrrrs to you, sweet Keoke.

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Ohhh I love nursing too by on my human momma Finger I do it EVERYTIME I want to sleep or need some extra security..it is my comfort thing..I was taken from my Feline Momma too early but my human MOmma is awsome ..


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This falls under "Nursing" but it is also about having two cats and one human lap!
When sister Selket jumps on the cat mother's lap to suck her thumb, I learned to jump on top of her (Selket, that is) and I knead her shoulder and nurse on her neck. I guess that means the cat mother is holding over 20 pounds of slimy purring fur. We call it a "Cat Stack."

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Well...when I was a new kitten at eight weeks, I tried to nurse from my big sister Alex once. She was like a cat-mommy to me, even though she didn't actually give birth to me.

I don't know if, at five, this is a problem. But your Mommy can always talk to an animal behaviorist to find out.

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so this is a normal thing? i don't do the nursing but my baby sisterd does(she doesn't have a page yet)she like to wrap herself aroud mom's head and nurse on the back of her head(hair). mom doesn't mind it just tickles real bad.is it a side affect of being weened to early or a security thing? we don;t know!