Stray cat that I took in. Pure Ocicat? .

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Purred: Tue Aug 4, '09 8:06pm PST 
I recently found a stray cat and he looks exactly like an ocicat and acts just like all the descriptions that i've found. He has the dark brown color with black spots on his body and stripes on his legs. Compared to my maine coons and ragdoll he seems tiny but I think he's pretty big compared to normal cats.
I feel like he's a purebred because I can't see any part of him that doesn't look ocicat or resembles another breed.
Let me know what you think! .


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Hmm pure Ocicats are very hard to find for Ocicats are already rare as it is. For they are one of the oldest breeds of cats. There is a chance he might have either half, a quarter, or is mostly Ocicat that is mixed with some American Shorthair. That is what my cat Huckleberry is, majority Ocicat and part Shorthair. He was a stray that we found with his litter mates. No cat in that litter looked the same, so there are many different types of breeds around. You could try going to a vet, or find an Ocicat breeder that might know. I also looked around the net and searched for breed descriptions to see what type my cat could be. It was fairly helpful.

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ah, yes, I also, took in a very very Intelligent socially needing my affection cat, always under my feet!! He has melted spots on him and a black stripe on his back.. . He appears to be very Ocicat markings, but I think it is only appearances. I've actually seen at least five other cats in the neighborhood with similar markings. DARN. I thought we were onto something.

Either way, He's super special. He's even human toilet trained! : )


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The older my cat Odie gets the more he looks and acts like an Ocicat as well. His litter mates also both looked different. One even had long hair like a Maine Coon. But Odie is a beautifuly silver striped and spotted kitty and so lovey. It doesn't matter what his bloodline is to me. I wouldn't trade him for anything!


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I have two Ocicats.

Milo is spotted chocolate or tawny I think and Ozzie is dark chocolate with ghost spots, you can see his spots only in the sun because they are so close to the color of his coat. We got them from an oci breeder.

Do you have any pics of the kitty?


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Hard to tell from the pix, might be. Can you post a few more showing more of the body markings? Uh, Huckleberry, are you confusing the Oci with the Egyptian Mau? The Oci was created in 1964 by a Michigan breeder, Virginia Daly. She crossed an Abyssinian with a Siamese, and one of the second generation outcrosses had spots instead of the expected Aby Point Siamese markings. We are currently the servants to a three year old lavender Ocicat, and she is a total joy. In the past we have been owned by two different Egyptian Maus, and they are also delightful animals. They are thought to be the descended from the original Egyptian temple cats, and are thus a very old breed.