Am I part Norwegian Forest Cat?

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Mr. Bossy

Purred: Sun May 19, '13 12:55pm PST 
Mom thinks I am part Norwegian Forest Cat. What do you guys think? She says I have the straight profile, two layered fur, the tufts in the paws and neck ruff. And more. Any thoughts?cat on moon


He-She Kitty - We thought he- was a girl
Purred: Thu Jul 18, '13 8:49pm PST 
probably. there's no real way to tell unless you are purebred of course, which you probably aren't since you were a rescue. i am an adopted kitty and i have all those same features, my mommy thinks i'm mostly norwegian. you could be a maine coon though, they're very similar to us. a lot of cat experts think maine coons are descendants of the norse breed. the only marked difference between us and them is our heads are more angular. our skull is actually more in the shape of an equilateral triangle than rounded. either way we are both awesome kitties and we can grow up to be REALLY big! smile