Lexi is a nebelung!

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Can we cuddle?
Purred: Wed Nov 10, '10 9:36am PST 
I foster kittens and(as you all know) it is IMPOSSIBLE to not fall in love with (so far) is Lexi. She was abandoned in a Petsmart parking lot and when I got her was COMPLETELY antisocial. Now she is the most loving kitten in the world. Well anyways, I was flipping through a cat breed book and saw a pic of a Nebelung that looked EXACTLY like Lexi. I did some research and located the "original" breeder of the nebelungs here in the US. I contacted her and sent her (many) pics. She told me that Lexi "Appears to be a showline Nebelung) and "Is exactly what a Nebelung should look like" She even asked if Lexi might be available in the future to breed from( she isn't btw- I had her spayed as soon as she was old enough)