what does your nebelung like to!

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Tell me all the fond things!~kitty


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He likes to jump on my back when I'm bending over (doing laundry or dishes or whatever) and peer over my shoulder to see what I'm doing.

He loves to cuddle

Torment the dog...


Meant to Be!
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Misty loves to chase her mice...little teardrop shaped furry ones with string tails....she fetches them and puts them in my shoe. She likes to sleep with us and pounce on our feet under the covers. She likes to EAT. She likes to follow us from room to room. She likes to be combed with a plastic multi-toothed comb especially on her head and by her tail. She likes to be patted but not particularly held. She likes children and visitors if they don't try to hold her. She likes to sit on her cat tree and look out the window. She likes to climb into boxes, bags, drawers and purses. She likes catnip and tiny bits of icecream. She likes to drink out of the sink.

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One thing you can count on with our nebelung is that she will wake you up in the morning by gently pressing her paws into your leg or back until you notice her. Another thing she loves to do is lick my big toe! She's a great hunter as well!


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Ours is so laid back that we can do pretty much anything to him and he will lay there and purr. We can literally hang him upside down and he will just dangle there. We can pile all kinds of STUFF on him and he will just let us

HE strongly dislikes the dogs and will be a jerk to them. He intimidates them (golden retrievers) and will sit on the stairs and not let them up or sit in front of the water dish and not let them drink.

He is very loving though and is content to just lay down close to me. It used to be my son but he moved away to join the military so now it's me he is close to.