Puking after meals?

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Our Chii is a Munchkin. We had no idea for several years what breed she was. We just thought it was some disorder that had given her such bitty legs.
But the question...is it a feature of the breed to have digestive issues? Chii is about 8 years old, rather overweight but after every meal she throws up about two tablespoons of food. It has become so commonplace that we can hold a paper towel under her chin and know she's about to hurl. She seems healthy otherwise and like I said she is alot of cat...so she's not losing weight. Thoughts?

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I have a Munchkin and have never had that issue before nor do I believe it is a breed issue. She may be having a reaction to the food or some other issue. I would suggest switching her food to something like Innova or Wellness. They are both high in protein and are the best for cats (that is also what I give my Moxie). If she continues, I would take her to the vet.