WHY the heck does my Manx kid do this..

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Baby the- Manx

Angel Baby
Purred: Fri Oct 31, '08 11:22pm PST 
He's started taking a dust bath?????? in the litter box flipping around like a fish out of water. Amusing for about a second when I find him doing it. Box is clean, this is driving me up the wall. He lovvvves doing it, but then he ends up scratching and licking himself all the time. If we had hair and sand in it, we'd do the same thing. HELLLLLLLLLLP with suggestions.

Redd Bumn

Purred: Tue Mar 17, '09 8:29am PST 
My redd bumn(manx mix) does the same exact thing! He loves it comes out purring and the vet said its normal.