Are there calico Maine Coons?

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My Meowmy is strongly starting to suspect me of having a lot of Maine Coon in me thinking. I'm an almost four month old medium/long haired calico girl; and I weigh 5.4 pounds shock. My paws are almost as big as Bubby's(Lyle), and my tail is longer than his. I don't meow very often, and when I do, it is a high sweet sound. Meowmy just loves to bury her fingers in my cottony soft fur; when I let her laugh out loud My favorite game is to pull out the little bar holding the china cabinet closed. I get in trouble for that one thoughred face I've just recently started to try my paw at opening cabinet doorsbig grin Any advice at how to get around rubber bands?

I know almost everyone asks this, but am I a Calico Coon?

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Yes, there are Calico Maine Coons.
You are a very pretty kitten and it sound like you are very smart too opening china cabinets smilebig grin

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Maine Coons can come in almost any color for the exception of Seal Point. The most popular are the tabby colors (red, brown, blue, and silver). In my opinion, all Maine Coons are beautiful (regardless of color).


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You look very coonish dear, but wait a couple of years before you know for sure - coon coats mature with age. You are very pretty!


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Yes, indeed, Maine Coons can come in almost every color (except for the pointed color combination associated with breeds like the Siamese). In point of fact, in American cat show parlance, you are not a "calico," but a "tortoiseshell and white" (or "tortie and white")--and tortie and white is a fairly common color for Maine Coon females. I should know, since I am one myself! And you are a very pretty girl, too! It's hard to tell from the photos, but from the shape of your face, ears, muzzle, body, tail, and legs, you look very Maine Coonish to me (my sister Chibi has a body shape very similar to yours; she's five months old right now). Your face is a bit too round to look classically Maine Coonish, but actually, so is mine, and I've got a pedigree that goes back who knows how may generations. You're probably a mix, but I wouldn't be surprised if you had a generous portion of Maine Coon in your genetic make-up. applause


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Actually, your post got me to thinking. My sister Chibi and I are tortie and white Maine Coons, but our mother was an honest to goodness calico, and in our months of staring at pictures of Maine Coons on the Internet, and at real Maine Coons at cat shows, it seems that calicos are actually much rarer than torties (calico meaning that the cat is mostly white, with well-defined patches of black and red which do not show tabby markings; if there are distinct tabby markings, I think the color classification becomes patched tabby). Calicos are often seen in domestic short/medium/long hairs, in Persians, Japanese bobtails, and Sphynxes (just to name a few we've observed recently), but not so often in Maine Coons. Anybody else have another opinion?

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I don't know how common the calicos are but I was at a cat show recently and there was a breeder there who had a whole litter of calicos. In fact all the Maine Coons she had at the show were calicos too... I think two were from the one litter but one was older and another was from a different cattery. I tried to take some photos of her cats because they were so pretty, (one actually a torbie or silver patched tabby with white) but I didn't have my camera and the cell phone camera pics did not come out very well.


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here i am a calico main coon, so i was told?


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Sky you look like my brother Laz who is a MC! See my profile there is a pic of Laz when he was a little kitten. MC's come in all kinds of colors.


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Cleopatra--with only one photo, it's hard to tell, but you look like you may be a patched tabby (aka torbie) rather than a calico. A calico has very distinct blotches of red and black, without tabby markings, against a mostly white background. Don't worry if you're confused; I've been at cat shows where the exhibitor and the judge had to figure out whether a cat was a calico or a patched tabby.

Roxy--I've been told that torties and calicos are popular in the States, but not so much in Japan, because there are so many Japanese tortie and calico moggies, and the Japanese want exotic-looking cats. Leila is not suited for showing (too nervous), but I occasionally put Chibi in a show when I know there will be American judges. She's got almost a third of the points needed to become a grand champion, but all of them came from foreign judges. I've never seen a calico in a cat show here, although my breeder's main queen was a calico. He had to look for over a year to find one. Her litters consisted of brown and white tabbies, red and white tabbies (like Harvey), tortie and whites, and the occasional black and white. But no calicos. My tortie and white queens, when mated with a brown tabby (no white) produce some brown tabby and whites, but also brown and red tabbies without white, as well as tortie and whites and pure torties (no white). Currier is a tortie without white, and I'm curious to see if she has any kittens with white on them. I'm not really up on my color genetics, but it seems that the more white a cat has, the more likely it is to produce kittens with white. I wish one of my queens would produce a black or a black and white, but no go so far. Cat color genetics are complicated. A breeder I know mated his white male with his tortie female, and ended up with one white kitten, one red tabby (no white), and one silver tabby. Say what? It turns out that two generations back, one of the cats had a silver ancestor.