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This is a forum to discuss legislation and legal matters pertaining to the rights and welfare of cats. Please remember to counter ideas and opinions with which you don't agree with friendly and helpful advice and responses.

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Want to save cats and spread some good Karma at the same time? I have included links of interest I hope you will think both interesting and beneficial towards us all: http://lacommunitycats.com/

“Why feral cats are a win-win for city spirit…Read more
2. Read how the “LAPD hires cats to keep down the rats.” http://www.lacommunitycats.com/LAPD_Hires_Cats.cfm
3. “Drugs and surgery are great in an emergency, but nutritional medicine adds quality to your cat’s life.” http://www.lacommunitycats.com/DoctorIsIn.cfm
4. “Myth of a balanced diet in canned or dry pet food” http://www.lacommunitycats.com/Nature_Trumps_the_Lab.cfm
5. Does your cat have an upper respiratory infection? Read about one woman's trial and error with a non-drug remedy for her cat. http://www.lacommunitycats.com/Houdini_1.cfm
6. “When a kitten happens onto your path you get the story of a Boo-Boo” http://www.lacommunitycats.com/BooBoo.cfm
7. “LA City’s Injunction—Is this anyway to thank the cats for keeping down the rat population?” http://www.lacommunitycats.com/Thank_Cats.cfm
8. “Looking for an all-natural blood pressure remedy? Get a cat!”
9. “Green Cats” is an organized advocacy campaign for our urban feral cats and the health of our cities.
10. “A happy ending”
11. “ Houseplants and flowers poisonous to your cat”
12. “A variety of cat diets”
13. “Hudini makes a come back”
14.” Indigestible Protein”