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Purred: Fri Sep 9, '11 11:40am PST 
In the county where we live, cats who've bitten someone are required to be quarantined for 10 days to rule out the possibility that they have rabies. Kitties who've been vaccinated can be quarantined in a shelter setting, and unvaccinated cats are required to be quarantined under the supervision of a vet. red face

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Having worked for our local Animal Services (the "kill shelter" I like to call it), it is the law here that if a cat bites and anyone working for the County or City must report.

By law, they would not remove the cat if it were just scratches with her story of squishing her cat while sleeping; but with biting, it's just the law here where I live.

If I were her, I would have said I fell, I scratched my own face in a rage, I poked it with a chopstick; anything not to expose my cat to Animal Services.

This person should be able to get the cat once out of quarantine at Animal Services; they don't always put them down in a situation like hers.


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Strange story, who in the right mind would go to an ER for cat scratches.. especially if its your own cat for crying out loud.
She could have washed it herself with peroxide or betadine.. what a dumb butt.
Sorry for the cat, but its the dumb owners fault like always.
Hope she gets her cat back.

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I agree with Kisu - I would have tried to think about whether they could actually DO anything for me. Then I would have waited to see if any other symptoms developed, treating it myself meantime. So NO, I wouldn't go to the ER, especially if I knew the cat would be removed.
What I described is just basic common sense, but, remember, some people just don't have any. If we are willing to teach them common sense, we may be saving a cat's life in the future. Luv, Tinkconfused


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Purred: Thu Sep 15, '11 8:43pm PST 
Bad bites or scratches can get really nasty, really fast and if they are at all deep so you should never 'wait to see if they get infected". We never bite or claw Meowma--not even Rory, and he isn't even a Burmese (Burmeeses never do things like that!) but she had a couple of big ole cat bites a while back when she volunteered to unmat a Himalayan someone had dumped at the shelter. She wrapped her arm in her jacket to hide it and went to the doc for an antibiotic shot because the bites were really bad. But she knew about the law and didn't tell on the kitty--said it was one she tried to pick up in a parking lot.


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There are state laws and often times there are conflicting local/county ordinances. An explanation of actions should be sufficient to have the cat returned. After looking over the state law from the state indicated in the question, there doesn't seem to be anything that gives any animal control authority to remove a cat from someone's home except in the event of abuse TO the cat!

Our Mommy got bit on the arm by another kitty and had to go to the hospital (became infected). She told them the truth that she was bitten by a cat but didn't tell them where that kitty lived. We think the kitty smelled our scents on her arm and got excited and bit her. Now, a month later, that kitty loves our Mama and cuddles with her whenever she goes to visit where he lives. Rule of thumb: Less information volunteered, the better. cat on moon


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She should have known they were going to drill her with questions concerning the cat. Maybe it was her boyfriend/husbands cat and didn't like it, so she used this as an excuse to get it out of the house! (just a crazy guess) Owning a cat you have to take the chance you will get scratched or bitten. Duh? Plus, these days they take things too far....when I was a kid I had bad scratches and bites from our outdoor cats all the time. None of them vaccinated for anything, I never saw a Doctor, I was always fine, and no one knew any different.


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Purred: Sun Oct 2, '11 6:16pm PST 
we have sratched mom by accidently. mom just disintfects and leaves it alone. she dosent go to the er. my mom has never gotten sick or any diseases or infections from cat scratches.

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