When do I get registered in my town

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Hello all, sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this but my daddy has a quick question. In most towns the registration fee is pretty high for an unaltered kitty while it's only $2 for a fixed kittie in his town. He would like to know how you handle kittens! We are obviously too young and tiny to go through that! Do most people just wait until after we are fixed? What if I'm caught out (unlikely) will my daddy get a ticket if I'm not registered? This seems like a little hole in the system unless daddy is just missing something! Any information would be welcome, thanks!


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I think every town has their own regulations regarding pet licenses. You might check your township/city/village's website and see if there is more information regarding registering a cat. If you can't find it there, you might need to call them to find out.thinking


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Most municipalities that have pet licensing regulations allow an automatic adjustment period of a licensed pet having offspring. The time for proper licensing would come at a time when the babies are old enough for adoption. If the parents/guardians decide they are going to keep the new offspring as their own pets, they would have to properly license the young ones at that time. If adopting out, there would be a reasonable expected period of one to four weeks during which time a suitable home should be found for the young. After that reasonable time has passed, there may be ordinances requiring licensing. There may also be ways around if the kitties are living in a listed foster home, but not every municipality has ordinances governing kitty foster care. Check with the local municipality.


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I would say call your city hall. There might be a grace period if they are under three months. Our little city requires dog to get city tags. We are not required to do anything for cats. But I can only have three.


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Questions. How old are the kits and how much do they weigh?. They can be fixed at eight weeks old and weigh at least 2 lbs.



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One is 10 weeks, and two are 15 weeks. I have never heard of fixing kittens that young I know some vets will do it fairly early but even then I thought 3-4 months. My vet doesn't do it until they are six months which I believe is pretty standard