Victory! President Signs New Crush Act into Law

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Purred: Tue Feb 15, '11 2:24pm PST 
Thanks for explaining that, Ben! The American legal system is very confusing to me (partly because every state has different laws), and it seems that there aren't enough anti-cruelty laws, or just as bad, that the ones that exist are not enforced. Hope this one will be. I've been looking into the issue of puppy/kitten mills and licensing, and find it odd that breeders in the U.S. do not seem to require a license, nor are they subject to random inspections. In Japan, anyone who works in any capacity with animals must have a license. But anti-cruelty laws are still behind those in America.


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Thank you Ben. You are a very smart cat. Okay now for that Rusty disbelief and sarcasm......Yeah, wouldn't want to put a damper on the making of hunting films. Yeah cause there aren't enough of those around..

From Rusty
I caught a lizard once in the sunroom I am no longer allowed in. Nobody filmed me and i didn't have to watch a film to know how either. I strutted by with mister lizard in my mouth and put him under moms pillow. Then she grabbed him and let him go outside. After all that work. At least I got the tail. She didn't find that till later.


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That is good news, but honestly I wish I did not read what this post was about. I cannot believe the things people do to innocent animals. It makes me sick!!! I believe in Karma....those people who abuse animals will get theirs sometime....what goes around comes around. Every living thing on this Earth deserves a life of happiness.


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How could anybody film that, or do that, or even think of that???eekeek That's beyond depraved!!

I hope that no legislators have the bright idea to repeal it because it infringes on someone's rights to make a buck...

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Shade: Considering how many pet owners there are in the U.S. I hope any legilator would think twice.

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Harvard-the act of animal cruelty itself depicted in the films was always illegal, has been since we've had animal cruelty laws. then the 1999 law was passed to SPECIFICALLY penalize the filming, distribution and sale of the...acts...in an effort to make it more costly to produce them than it was worth. (is it worth a jail sentence? probably not, to most people...especially since i have hopes that this is not a COMMON perversion.) then, as Ben said, the 1999 law was struck down as being too broad in scope and thus unconstitutional by SCOTUS...and though close proximity to "those other guys" probably made everyone in Congress break out in hives, they went into blitz bipartisan mode and got this done.

NO ONE who isn't sick in the head, heart and soul wants those videos out there or wants the message sent that they're remotely okay. that's why even though i'm an obama kitty myself (and also hail from the Deep South, though i now live in michigan) this is neither here nor there when it comes to squaring your politics with your love of animals. this particular issue seems to have-and quite rightly so-transcended politics.

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