Stop Plan for Domestic Cat Hunting in NJ

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This showed up on Facebook. It's very disconcerting (if true) that certain human beings would consider hunting feral cats as a solution of cat population. Can anyone provide some details? Is this just a rumor or has the world gone mad?
Here's a link:
http://www.change.org/petitions/view/stop_plan_for_domestic_c at_hunting_in_nj



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I checked Snopes Urban Legends site and didn't get a hit. However a search for the subject did turn up a number of blogs or forums about the subject.

I could not find the original article but I did find a statement from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife which I'm attaching here.

Neither the Fish and Game Council (Council) or the Endangered and Nongame Species Advisory Committee (ENSAC) is proposing anything allowing the hunting or trapping feral cats.
The Council and ENSAC have passed a joint resolution acknowledging the detrimental impact of free-roaming cats on wildlife. Recent studies have indicated that feral cats prey on over 1 billion wildlife each year. The resolution strongly states that TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) is not an effective means of reducing the feral cat populations and thus not an effective means of addressing the impacts of cats on wildlife.
The Council and ENSAC also state that feral cats should be treated as dangerous exotic animals. The Fish and Game Council is considering formally “listing” feral cats as “dangerous exotic” animals under a statute that gives them the responsibility and authority to do so. If this were to happen it would allow the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) to regulate the release of feral cats without a permit. This would give the DFW some leverage in addressing the proliferation of TNR.
Again, there is no proposal to open a season or allow hunting or trapping of feral cats. PT
Paul Tarlowe, Wildlife Education Specialist
The N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife is a professional, environmental agency dedicated to the protection, management and wise use of the state’s fish and wildlife resources.

I found the quote on Love Meow on Mar 15th, 2010.

Don't know where the situation stands now. Still looking for that.

This is where we really need a UGH!! emoticon.

Sorry this is so long but I couldn't find the link to post!


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Im from NJ - This was in the newpaper some time ago -
TRUST me, it will never go through.

People just like to start kitty poo over stuff, they make mountains out of mole hills.
Ignore ignore ignore it.
They probably had nothing better to report on that day.