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Purred: Mon Aug 30, '10 10:33am PST 
This man went away on a business trip so he hired a local petsitter, and came back to both his cats dead
More here on the story:
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Purred: Mon Aug 30, '10 10:39am PST 
I cannot tell you how horrified I am by this video! That poor, poor man! He clearly loved his cats very much, I feel so bad for him. I just gasped through that entire video! I hope to god that company gets shut down or they get arrested.

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Purred: Mon Aug 30, '10 2:53pm PST 
Oh goodness, the poor man. I can't believe a "petsitter" would do this to the cats. Lacy's right, they should be arrested. My family usually doesn't go away too much. When we do, it's usually not for more than 2 nights, and if we need to be away longer than that, usually our tenant feeds and waters her, or my very close friends come over.


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Purred: Mon Aug 30, '10 3:51pm PST 
I shouldn't have watched it. I am so very very sorry for that poor man. cry

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Purred: Mon Aug 30, '10 4:05pm PST 
How horrible!! That poor man, to know his cats more than likely died a horrible death...cry I can't imagine....

He needs to sue the company and the woman who was supposed to be responsible for them!


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Purred: Mon Aug 30, '10 5:21pm PST 
Yes it is horrible the way those two poor kitties died. It seems like the authorities are going to do something about it.

Everyone needs to check out their pet sitters. My vet has a tec who cat sits for me and is able to give Princess her insulin shots.

We are thankful.

Fee Verte

Purred: Wed Sep 1, '10 7:46pm PST 
Those dreadful petsitters.

Datz why mommy trained me to go everywhere wit her because she won't trust no one other dan family to take care o' me.

I'ma great traveler.


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Purred: Thu Sep 2, '10 12:39pm PST 
This is why one should only hire petsitters who are bonded and insured. That means they took the time to learn about and take on the liability of having pets in their care, and they know how much liability goes into that. Mom says that out of our two pet sitters, she met both beforehand to watch them interact both with their own pets and with us. That put her mind at ease, and I think talking to the actual pet sitter puts added pressure not to disappoint this person who loves their cats. Also, she prefers going with the pet sitter route because if the pet sitter is good, they are generally reliable.

You see, something similar to this happened to a friend of dad's who was supposed to have another trusted friend look into feeding her cat for a week (mom would have volunteered to do it, but she's pregnant so she can't change litter). When she came home, she found her cat very stressed and desperate for food and attention. His litterpan was beyond gross with poo, because he had tried very hard to be a good boy. Also, he was so stressed that he had groomed himself patchy in a couple of places. The woman who was supposed to care for him hadn't been able to visit him for the last three days, but didn't even admit it at first when confronted about it. After that, dad offered to sit for her next time, and mom gave her our petsitter's business card, saying "if we can't do it, you can always call this guy, we really like him!"

We love our pet sitter. He doesn't just come visit once a day when mom and dad are gone: he comes around every day at the same time, and e-mails mom and dad pics and videos of us daily in real time. Last spring he came and petsat for us even though he had broken his leg one afternoon and had to go the emergency room for it. He was a couple of hours late that night, but he still came through for us and called mom and apologized, with mom saying "that's alright, as long as you came to visit them today, they were probably ok!". He said we were waiting for him at the door, which is what we do when we know people are coming at a certain time of the day, and he felt really bad about it, thinking that maybe he should have asked his girlfriend to go feed us instead. But mom said that knowing us, having someone we don't know come in to feed us would have freaked us out more than just having to wait for him a while. Anyway, for someone who's owned by dogs and not cats, we find him pretty pawesome!

I hope that the man in the video will pursue any and all avenues of punishment for this woman. He should sue her for sure, even if the police can't charge her with anything.


Purred: Thu Sep 2, '10 1:07pm PST 
Ugh! Couldn't view the video and from the sounds of it that might be a good thing.

When we go away they have two very reliable friends to choose from to care for our cats. Usually if one isn't available the other is. Not sure what I would do if neither of them could do it. This is also part of why we bought an RV -- so we can take our cats with us on certain trips, especially some of the longer ones.

Lucy Nooner

Purred: Sat Sep 11, '10 12:59am PST 
Our petsitter is a mother/daughter-run company, bonded and insured. It's very, very hard for me to leave my animals when I go out of town- when I was a little girl, I was out of town with my parents and our petsitter-friend accidently let our dog Bridget loose. Bridget was hit by a car and died. It was an accident but nearly 30 years later, I am still traumatized by it.

I'm so sad for the man in the video and his kitties. For all the time and energy it took that "petsitter" to send fake email messages, she should have gotten off her butt and gone to check in on those poor kitties. Rest in peace, kitties.

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