declawing requirement legal?

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When I was looking at apartments, one I liked had the declaw requirement. I spoke with the manager and asked her if she would consider the option of Soft Paws instead. After I explained to her what declawing actually is (amputation), and told her how Soft Paws worked, she agreed that I could live there with my 2 cats as long as they wore Soft Paws. I ended up choosing a different place because I found a place I liked a little better (and the landlady didn't mind if the cats didn't wear Soft Paws either), but it's good to know that some apartment complex managers will reconsider their stance on declawing. I think a lot of people just don't realize how harmful that particular surgery can be to a cat.

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It never hurts to ask if they will rethink things. And mom agrees with Diego's post-the kids do more damage!! But they did have a free roaming bunny in an apartment in the complex she works at now that chewed through the washer hoses and flooded the apartment. But the college kids didn't want him in a cage-that seemed cruelthinking They also thought the bill for the flood was way cruel (almost $1,500). but no prarie dogs or dishwasher dwellerslaugh out loud


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You might be interested in Tenant Care which offers 3rd Party Damage Coverage, illness & accident coverage for your pet is also included as well.

The Humane Society of the U.S. and I think the ASPCA offer listings for animal friendly apartments.


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Mommy says that it is legal in Virginia, and probably in Florida. Its their property, and as long as they make everyone follow the same rules its ok...one day they might have to change it with recent no-declawing laws, but then they will most likely just say no kitties. frown

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That bugs me! (Yum, bugs...)
Seriously, negotiate for soft paws. I wore them for a while, before my people let me go outside and my scratching problems went away, and I could no longer destroy furniture. Plus they matched my incredible blue eyes.
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