Cats dissected in high school class rooms

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Mr Marble

Purred: Thu May 24, '07 10:22pm PST 
Greetings, Mr Marble here..
This is a most distressing thread! My Mom went to Nursing school in CA years ago and cat dissection was illegal then (she would have refused anyway). They used fetal pigs, they didn't kill them, but apparently if a pig is carrying too many not all of them survive.
I bet they get the poor kitties right from those horrid kill shelters! Dissecting a fetal pig is hard enough, BUT the organs are closer to human's than cats anyway!
Oh I am so grateful to be a rescue! We must all strive for a "no kill" nation!
Unsettled Purrs,
Mr Marble

Mr Marble

Purred: Thu May 24, '07 10:36pm PST 
Althena, I was reading all the posts. If the girl is in high school, she may be taking PRE Nursing which would include High School biology. I do not see the need for cat (or even pig) dissection at that level as she will have to do it again when she take anotomy and physiology in college. Oh so sad to think any animal is bred for this, especially cats.
Mr Marble


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Purred: Fri May 25, '07 10:02am PST 
My mommy graduated high school 3 years ago and even though she took biology class, she opted NOT to cut up any animals, even the earthworms! Not only does it upset my mommy that people still do this, but the smell of (pardon my spelling) formaldehyde makes her very sick. Instead, mommy's teacher let her go in the computer lab and do "virtual dissections" where the animals were cartoonesque and not realistic in any way. No cats were disected in her school thankfully, but the physiology class that she didn't take did cut up baby pigs, which made mommy very sad. Mommy's cousin is an RN now, but when she went to med school, she had to cut up cats! Mommy was very sad when she heard this. It may be legal to do, but just because something is legal, doesn't mean it's ethical. That's something mommy learned in her college business class, but it applies to more than just business. Mommy hopes that something can be done to change the legality of this horrible school tradition.

Purrs and headbumps,


tax-day kitty
Purred: Wed May 30, '07 1:09am PST 
shrug what are these people thinking that they'd even want to get cats and give them to schools- don't they have any moral code?

when my person was in shcool they wanted her to cut up a frog but she REFUSED so the teacher graded her with a "zero" for this-who cares she thought. she even refused to "collect butterflys and bugs" in her earlier school years because that's SICK to capture live creatures and encase them in a tomb.

these people who take cats and give them to schools, and the schools who take these cats should be put out of business for good. meanwhile, they should go get some morals--"here, i'll share mine, i can copy & paste them into your heads" my person just said.

red facered facered face they should have the "red face" (as seen to the left) of embarassment and shame.

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Purred: Fri Jun 8, '07 12:17pm PST 
Upon searching.... there are MANY more kids on video making a joke out of dissecting. I can't watch NO MORE frown

Apollo (In- Memory)

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This thread has been discussed here at length and is time to be closed.

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