Cats dissected in high school class rooms

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Sapphire’s Mom here:

I have kept up with this thread since it has started, but there are a couple things that I would like to say.

Cat dissections in themselves don't bother me as long as the cats weren't bred for that purpose. I don't think that animals should ever be bred simply to be dissected, no matter how well they are taken care of beforehand. I know that I certainly would never want one of my fosters or my personal cats sold for the purpose of dissection.

Something else to think of; I help with spay/neuter surgery prepping once a week from 7-8 in the morning to 5:30, and I've asked the vet before how she tells the uterus and ovaries apart from other organs. She told me that it was based solely on location and FEEL. Now, if all vets were trained using computer programs and have never dissected a cat or dog (or any other animal for that matter), and they had to perform a spay, would you really want that vet to perform a spay on YOUR cat or dog? I know that I wouldn't. There is simply no way to replicate dissections using a computer program, no matter how life like and real it looks, there really is no comparison.

My Mom is a biology teacher; I’ve been around dissections my whole life. All of the specimens that are dissected in her classes are done so with the utmost respect towards the animals. There is no horseplay or joking in the class room; it is simply not allowed. All of the students are told that even though these specimens are no longer alive, they were at one point and are here simply for learning on their part and are not a matter to be fooled around with. I do think that for high school students, cat dissections aren’t necessary for the normal biology course. While some AP classes do cat dissections, AP classes are college level classes. Cats are dissected mainly for the bone and muscle aspect, but the abdominal and thoracic cavities are also dissected in the process, this is where the “soon to be vets” learn location and feel of the uterus and ovaries in the females. You can’t get this much out of a frog or pig dissection. Although frogs are dissected mainly for their muscles, they aren’t so close to the same structure as human’s muscles. So if it’s ok for a college student to dissect a cat, what makes an AP student any different, besides age?

I know that cats and dogs are looked upon as people’s children and companions… and I don’t want to get any hateful responses for this, but they are just as much an animal, and no more human than frogs and mice and rats. No more; no less. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my pets to death, I would be devastated to lose any of my personal pets, and losing fosters that I have is also very difficult. But, if you are going towards animal rights and what is morally right and wrong, then why is it ok to dissect a frog and not to dissect a cat or dog? It was mentioned that we have plenty of frogs, why not dissect them instead… well, there are also plenty of cats roaming the streets, and with cats and frogs being on the same level, then why don’t we dissect them as well? If we ban cat dissections, then fetal pigs, then frogs… what’s next? Will we no longer be able to dissect grasshoppers as well? Then what will happen to the vet field? Surely there will be repercussions on the quality of vets that we have.

Again, this is just my personal opinion from the experiences that I have had through helping with spay and neuter surgeries, fostering, and other volunteer work with the local animal shelter.

-Sapphire’s Mom

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Sapphire's mom- There will be NO hatefull response from this cat wink. I do agree with most of what you said.... all but the part where I am just as much an animal as a frog..... yuck laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud. I do agree with dissection if you are in vet school......... just wish the cats where from shelters that are already euthanized. I know all to much about the amount of stray cats outside...... I see them everywhere..... but
Byron and I are'nt allowed outside. The major thing was the lack of compassion from her..... she was saying how cool it was and laughing about how she cut it open and how she HATED cats. We just think that high school students are not mature enough for dissecting. And I applaud your mom for her rules in her class.

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shock I knew cats were disected in Vetrinary schools, but not in high schools. Some schools have computerized dissections. Why do they need cats to dissect on, what happened to the earth worms? thinking

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I don't want this to come off as a hateful response, and I sat a while trying to resist posting it. I know we all have our own ideas on animals. I have to post mine because I have changed my life because I identified Bixit as an animal, like rats and frogs and everyone else. I want to word this right. I know what he was capable of emotionally, and I know it wasn't an ability reserved specifically to him. Without going on too long or getting preachy, I just want to say that my love for him gave me a respect for all life. I have to turn away from this thread because some of these posts break my heart, I swear to God they break my heart. Animals are my passion, they need our protection. I wouldn't be doing Bixit's memory justice if I didn't put in my two cents. I'm not bashing anyone, I just wanted to say my peace.


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Maahes's mom here:
At my high school, in IB Anatomy or some class like that, they dissected cats. Thankfully, I wasn't in that course - I had dissected a frog in 8th grade, and a fetal pig in 9th grade, but other than that, no dissecting from me. I have zero problem with dissecting something - I'm starting vet tech school next fall, and I know there will definitely be some dissecting there - but I do have a problem with dissecting a cat in high school. Frogs and pigs are different on some level, mostly because there aren't many people in that classroom who have them as pets. Cats are a companion animal, and high schoolers aren't prepared to deal with that, I think.


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Most people lump all high schoolers into one category. "They are not responsible enough to handle this." I completely;y disagree. while some high schoolers are not prepared to handle it, others are. Heck, you could say college kids aren't ready to handle it either...I knew more slackers in college than I ever did in HS. I was one of those high school kids that knew I wanted to go into medicine of some sort and elected to take a 2 year course in anatomy and physiology. I took this class my Junior and senior year of school. I enabled my to gain full knowledge on how the body works and how it's put together. I certainly was not an easy class and only 30-40 kids a year were selected to take it.

I do not think this is the type of class that should be offered to all students, but for the select few who wish to continue into the medical field (or determine if it's even the right thing for them) I think it can be appropriate. You just do not get the same info from books, computer modules or frogs!

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there is absoulty nothing more disgusting than the fact that school are doing such inhumane things. There are much better ways to learn about them what do they think they make those plastic models for? us to throw around a room? I can see it if the cat died of natural casues of which many do everydayI don't understand why they have to be breed for this? It's a sad fact but alot of animal shelters have to put animals down for one reason or another can't they try to obtain them? sigh I didn't agree with the toad thing either because just like cats they are animals too. yet they seem to call it inhumane to kill someone who murders others but to kill an innocent animal is fine for the betterment of humans they say, I bet they would be singing a differnt tune if it was the cats doing it to us.. large sigh. not to mention the facts that yes it is hard to understand from a computer model what is to be expected but they make a varity of balistics gels that can be molded into anything which could give basic exact replication to the real thing if properly done. I don't disagree that medicine is an VERY important field and if not for these cats and other animals that give their lives not as much would be know but I totally disagree with the breeding of them for this pourpose. how would you feel if this was being done to humans no we use cadaviers for these pourposes why not the same for animals? do you mean to tell me that there are not enough dieing everyday for this?. I don't want to sound rude but no cats aren't humans but they feel they get scared they feel happy sad love. Are we that differnt? why is it that everyone seems to forget humans are animals too.

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Hi all,
This question on the grand scale is a tough one. Philosophy can unite or divide us.
As for this situation, laws and ordinances are divided up from the federal, state, city, township, right down to the schools themselves. This is the good news. We as citizens have the oportunity to gather within a community and make changes. My advise to you and to anyone that finds this and any other "wrong doings" is to gather with other like-minded indivudals to make these changes. Trying to tell anyone something is "right" or "wrong" will not work. This type of statement will only make people defensive. Go out and get in touch with your community and make sensible and heart felt suggestions that will bring those together and possibly change other's minds. If we all can work together we can make the world a better place to live for all.

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Wow, Mommy and I just came to this while combing the forums and it makes Mommy wanna cry! Okay, so maybe the cats weren't bred for that purpose, but it still is horrid! I can see dissecting a dead cat in veterinary school, but in HIGH school?? Nowadays they do have some computer programs for the weak hearted like Mommy. She refused to touch the frog in biology in 8th and 9th grade, and most of the girls felt the same way, so they had a computer program just for that purpose.
Dissecting CATS??? I'm gonna go throw up! So is Mommy!


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This is insane. Why in the world would a high school student need to dissect a cat? It's not as if they are going to make a whole lot of use of the knowledge. We dissected rats/frogs (i know rats make nice pets too) and I was disgusted. I can understand the need to do it if you are doing anatomy to be a vet but, otherwise , to waste those kitty lives on high school students, most of whom are not even the slightest bit interested in learning about a dissected animal and are doing it simply for a grade on a piece of paper...Isn't there some way we could create a petition to change this horrendous act??

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