What is he?

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Purred: Mon Oct 21, '13 12:55pm PST 
Can anyone tell me what breed my new kitten is? He has a picture on his profile. He has light blue eyes, is 8 weeks old and weighs around 2 lbs. He is also very talkative.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Mon Oct 21, '13 4:57pm PST 
Is the fur short or long? If it's super short, then it's likely Siamese. If it's long, it could possibly be a Birman. The fur color patten is typical of Siamese, Birman, Tonkinese, and a few other breeds.

You can check out cat breeds here:


Purred: Mon Oct 28, '13 8:15am PST 
He has short hair, but it is really thick.


Monster of- Mayhem
Purred: Mon Oct 28, '13 2:15pm PST 
He's cute. That's really the most important thing. He's somewhere in the Siamese family, but more importantly he's cute.

BooBoo Jr.

goofus ball
Purred: Wed Oct 30, '13 5:56pm PST 
I think you probably have a purebred Siamese back in your pedigree (not unusual for one to be outside in the 7's and 80's, so we see lots of DSH with the pointed pattern. His face shape, by breed , is more like a Tonkinese.
What he is , DSH Domestic Short Hair , COLOR is seal point. Unlike dogs,90% of cats don't have ANY purebred in the background, if they do it's most commonly pretty far back in the line. These days, no one lets pedigreed cats run loose, and most are spay/neutered anyway