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We have a little girl, Mittens about 12 weeks old. this is our first pet as adults, and we are still learning. we grew up feeding our cats whats on sale, what we had coupons for, ect. because that what my parents bought. we want to make sure she grows up healthy so any advice on food? she right now is a dry kitten food, but i have read so much that wet is better. Is that the case, what should i look for? she has had FF kittens wet food as a treat twice and LOVED it, but it made her box smell. im also nervous about changing her food because she is a bit of a diva and began peeing on us when we changed her litter. any help and advice will be great!

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Hello Mittens~

For a kitten around 12 weeks old,, like your's, I would say that she can have either dry or wet. However, Fancy Feast kitten's wet food would not be the best to give her on a daily basis for food. It is best to keep that as a treat. My cats are on Purina, the indoor cat formula, for they are indoor cats. We give them wet food when we wish to treat them.

Also, if you want to change onto a different food, of any kind, you should mix the old brand with the newer brand. Starting off with more of the old brand, and a little of the new brand. Pay attention if she leaves food behind, and check which brand it is if she does. As days go by, just subtract a little of the old brand food while adding more of the newer brand food, until it is all the new brand- of course, if she likes it. If she doesn't like it, she won't eat it, or will only eat it when she is really hungry, and that isn't good.

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Yes, canned food is so much healthier for your cat way to go You can read Catinfo.org for more info on proper diet. Raw food is even better but canned food is the next best choice for those who don't want to feed raw for whatever reason.

Look for grain-free canned food way to go Check out the Food and Nutrition forum here on Catster for recommended brands. There's quite a few threads just on the first page on what brand to feed smile Here's one such thread: http://www.catster.com/forums/Food_and_Nutrition/thread/784140 smile

You don't necessarily need a kitten formula. In nature, there is no kitten food or other baby food shrug It's just mom's milk and then weaning right onto whatever the adults eat.

Fancy Feast is a decent brand but the quality of the ingredients may not agree with some cats, causing a stinky litter box shrug You might want to ty a higher quality food like Wellness or Blue Buffalo or Nature's Variety Instinct.

The general rule of thumb is to feed the highest quality food that your cat will eat and you can afford and can find in the local stores. You can buy pretty much any brand of food online but shipping may be costly.

IMO once your cat is eating canned food, there is no reason at all to feed ANY dry food as part of the main diet. You don't need to leave dry food out for snacking or anythng. Canned food can be left out all day. A programmable timed feeder works great for this purpose.

A few pieces of grain-free dry food as a treat is ok smile