New found stray kitten won't eat or drink - only sleeps and cries!

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Hi all,

Apologies in advance if someone has posted something similar to this (I'm sure they have). Yesterday I found a stray kitten in a doorway on the street. She didn't make a sound when I picked her up (I waited for her Mum to show, but she didn't) and I took her home and put her in a blanket and she slept for most of the day. When she woke up, she couldn't stop crying which I took as her missing her Moms.

We took her to the vet, but unfortunately she wasn't there. Her assistant told us that she seemed healthy though and that she was probably just traumatised. She also told us that she thought she was about 2 months old.

She didn't eat or drink anything at all yesterday and we had to try to give her water through a syringe. Even at that, she didn't drink much (although I do think she has improved a bit). If I try to pick her up, she cries hysterically and if she isn't asleep she'll cry just the same only a bit quieter.

I'm a bit worried about what to do with food/water. My boyfriend has gone to the shop to buy chicken baby food and we thought we could try and feed her that through the syringe if she doesn't eat it normally. I've made her a home with two towels and one of my jumpers, but i'm not sure what else to do to try and make her feel more comfortable at home. Is it just a matter of time?

Would be very grateful for any advice,



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Baby food is a great place to start! Make sure it doesn't have any onions or garlic in it (both Beechnut and Gerber make meat baby foods with just meat and water). Baby food has a stronger odor than cat food and can stimulate the kitten's appetite. If she'll eat some of that, then try mixing some in with canned kitten food. You can also try some kitten milk replacer (she's technically old enough to NOT need it, but kittens love it and it's nutrition dense). If she does need to be force fed or watered, instead of plain water, go get a bottle of unflavored Pedialyte (or generic equivalent). It will both hydrate and keep her electrolytes in balance. Also, warming up canned kitten food helps bring out the aroma of it.

She definitely needs a trip to the vet. There could be an underlying medical condition that's leading to her lack of appetite. The vet can also give her some fluids under the skin that will speed up the re-hydration process. I can almost guarantee that she's got at least one intestinal parasite, if not more, so the vet will want to do a fecal to see what's there and treat accordingly. In general, any kitten found as a stray should probably see the vet anyhow. With her unwillingness to eat, she should definitely go.

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What ended up happening? hope the kitty is ok!


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How old is he? if he is young and i mean really young then you should get like some empty sprite bottles and some baby bottle caps. i do the same thing for my baby goats in my back yard! if you are somewhere in Florida try getting them from Tractor Supply Co