Play fighting?

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Alright, my kitties have had a week or two to get to know each other. But I'm still a little concerned about their play fighting. To begin with, it seemed to stem from our female not wanting to play, and getting annoyed with the male who wouldn't leave it alone. Now they seem to do it regularly throughout the day. I can't tell if it is play or not.

I have never found any scratches, blood or hair (except the very first day) and they eat from the same bowl, sleep on the same bed (though not cuddled up or grooming or anything) But their fights are loud. There's no real screeching, but lots of growling and a bit of hissing. From what I could find online, play fighting is usually quiet. But usually after a fight they walk off, one after the other. Are they just unusually vocal cats play fighting?

I have also noticed an attitude change in our female since the male came in... I hadn't expected that. They are both desexed. But she used to be super cuddly, and gentle/timid. Now she has her claws out a bit more, and is less likely to come over to us. Is she scared? Or just adjusting to having a new cat and relating to his behaviors more than ours.