Kittens not adjusting to each other so well

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Hi. I'm a bit worried about my kittens. We had intended to get them both the same day, however, there were dramas.

We got our first kitten two weeks ago. She is 4 months, kinda timid (spent the first two days under our bed!) but she has now adjusted well and interacts with me and the children throughout the day, very playful.

We just got our second kitten, a male (both are desexed) also about 4 months old. He, however, is noticeably bigger. He had no aggressive streak at the foster home, and got along well with the other, much smaller, male cat there. We were told he, too, is very playful.

We brought the male home last night, locked our female in a room for a few hours while he got adjusted and explored, and then introduced them. We were told this would be enough because they were both kittens, and they shouldn't need the long adjustment process older cats often need.

The male cat was not terribly aggressive, though he did make a few warning lunges. Our female kept shying away and pulling back. She was sniffing and curious, she wasn't running off, but she was pulling back.

We decided to put our new male into a room for the night, keeping them separate and letting him settle down. This morning we let him out again and I am seeing similar behavior. I have also caught a few hisses from him. Our female has followed him around since he came out, almost chasing him, but pulls away when he approaches.

I really don't want to frighten our female cat, she is kind of timid and delicate but she has taken strongly to us these past few weeks. Am I overreacting, is this normal and they'll settle down in a few days? Is he being overly aggressive?

I thought about putting him in the carrier and letting her sniff around him and get used to him with a barrier, but he HATES the carrier. I thought about putting her in the carrier, but I thought it might frighten her more not being able to escape if he comes closer, despite the barrier.

They were fairly neutral about each others scents when I tried rubbing a sock on each and letting the other sniff it. The room the male spent the night in is one of the females favorite rooms and so he would have smelt her. Maybe I just didn't notice the subtle reactions to their scents?

Really worried this isn't going to work...

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It sounds pretty normal to me! They just need some time to get used to each other. I wouldn't worry less they actually start to hurt each other.

Good luck! Keep us posted, and I can't wait to see their profiles on Catster! hug


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This is absolutely normal and in fact may be better than normal! We have new fosters coming in all the time and there are various levels of adjustment. It takes a good two weeks to see how the arrangement is really working. My rule of thumb is if no one is screaming, it's ok! laugh out loud