1.5 month old kitten! Urgent help!

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Hello everyone! I need some helo and would apreciate if someone can point me to the right direction. I have a month and a half old persian. She is really smart, acknoledges get name and comes when called. She was given to me because her mom fell ill and can not wean her. She has been in my care for two weeks now and she has been bottled fed, also gave her moist cat food by putting the food in her mouth. Now she wont eat by herself, she follows me everywhere and wont eat unless I put it in it's mouth. When she sees my hands she gets excited and starts crying for food. Any suggestions? Should I leave her alone and maybe starve a little ? I hace two oldet cats.


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I responded more in your other thread - don't let a baby go hungry - they need as much as they can eat.

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I would keep on feeding her. As you have older cats, she will learn quickly how to feed herself.
You never want a cat to go without eating. She is so young too....Give her several feedings during the day. I bet in two weeks that she will be eating on her own.....It will go by quickly.


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You absolutely must keep feeding her. A young kitten can develop hypoglycemia very quickly if not fed often enough. Try mixing canned cat food with vanilla yogurt, add a little warm water, and mix together until it has a thick soupy texture. Then gently take your kitten's head and quickly dip his mouth into the mixture. After that let the kitten lick his mouth and figure out that what you just dipped his mouth into is food. Another way to do this is to dip your finger in the food, let your kitten lick the food off your finger and while he is doing that, lower your finger into the bowl of food itself to try to get him to start lapping from the bowl.

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I was the same way, I didn't start even tasting canned food until I was 8 weeks old, didn't start eating enough of it to downgrade my bottle to one chug a day until at least 9 weeks, and I think I had my last bottle treat at about 11 weeks as a treat after a bath and have finally lost interest enough to have not seemed to miss it since (I'm 13 weeks now) Little babies, especially little babies that didn't get to stay with mama for 8 weeks, need special handling and complete nutrition any way they can get. It's a pain doing the bottle all the time but at least at 8 weeks she only need a few big feedings a day as opposed to every few hours when they are younger. Keep trying with canned food/milk replacer slurry in a saucer until she really takes to that and in the meantime don't worry too much about the bottle. Invite friends to help with some of her bottle feedings while you've still got to do them and she'll be one of the sweetest, most people loving cats around! It'll be nice when she becomes more self-sufficient but for now look on the bright side of her neediness.

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Hello everyone! thanks for your help! I bought canned food and she ate it all up!! she slept a lot too!! So, she now eats alone. But encontered another problem, gave her to my vet so he could do her first check up and he discovered a hairless spot in her shoulder. He says its a fungus frown and that she is really little for medicine, that I should apply iodine to clean it up twice a day, and he´ll chech on her soon. She´s a persian cat really hope she doesnt end up bold shock anyway, I´m just doing what the vet says and hoping she gets better, hopefully the other cats wont catch it, or my children.