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Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions - big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.


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Hello, this is my first post here in the catster forums so not sure whether this is the right spot to post this but everyone on here seems to be very helpful and understanding...
My partner and I recently adopted two Siberian kittens who are now roughly 13 weeks old, they are both super cute and as they are siblings they love each other lots and always playing together. However I have had a previous horrible experience where my kitten (who was the runt of the litter and just over 4 months old) developed FIP and I had to say goodbye much sooner then I ever thought...
These kittens are very different though as they are so much healthier, however because of my past experience I feel like I am constantly worrying and stressing about their health. I know this will always be the case but it still doesn't help, so I was hoping that some of you might have some advice or help. Even if you don't, I feel better just writing this down and getting this off my chest...


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It's normal to feel very concerned and normal to worry. I had a six month old cat pass away in May who was hit by a car, so with my two new kittens I am tense and overprotective at the thought of them going outside. I have since leash trained them and take them for supervised walks.

Also, I brought Bubbles home at 5 weeks. I got Bastian three weeks later, and both are around 10 weeks old now. I was very scared when bringing Bastian home because I didn't want any illness to pass between them. They are from different litters, not siblings by blood, but I took the risk until they were vaccinated, and both are doing wonderful.

But it's ok to worry about your kitties! smile I worry about all the mischief my two get into, but sometimes you have to reassure yourself everything will be A OK!


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Thanks for your reassurance! I know these kittens had a much better start and they are eating lots and growing so fast but it's still scary sometimes, I just want my kitties to grow into beautiful big cats!

Aw they would be so cute! Do they play together lots? Obi (my boy kitty) and Saria (my girl kitty) love to chase each other all through the house and then sneak up on each other (or do what they think is sneaking lol). Then they groom each other and usually cuddle each other while they sleep smile


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When I first introduced them, Bubbles didn't know how to react. She was given to me by a former teacher, and she was the sole survivor of the litter, so she ended up with just her mom for company and she had no siblings... I took her at five weeks because her mother started to slink off and disappear.

I had her for three weeks and she met Bastian. At first, she didn't like him! She would growl and run away from him when he tried to play. After three days, she started to play with him.

Now they are thick as thieves! big grin They always zoom around the house and wrestle. They love all their toys and play keep away from each other. They started grooming each other and sleep cuddled up! They are too adorable!!

I am still sad about my late cat, Floyd, but these two kittens have been a wonderful challenge! I loved Floyd, but Bubbles and Bastian have needed me and the pain from Floyd's death has eased. I definitely love my double trouble!


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I'm so sorry about your kitty you lost to FIP. I hear it is an awful disease. So sad. I think it's normal for you to be worried about the health of your new kitties, that sounds like normal cat mom stuff to me smile I worry about my cats to the point I drive my family crazy. I'm always asking "what did the poop look like", because you can tell so much from the poop laugh out loud They think I'm insane.

It sounds like you are doing great. I think the single most important thing you can do for your cat is give them a good diet. If they have a good diet, you can avoid SO many problems down the road. If you have not read www.catinfo.org , I highly recommend that you read it. My vet steers everyone to that website. It tells you why a wet food diet is highly recommended over a dry diet. Any vet that tells you "dry food is better for the teeth".....never go back there. It is a big myth. My vet tells everyone, "if that were the case then why does every cat I see that is on only dry food have the worst teeth?" Any vet that tries to tell me dry food is better, and who tries to push their crappy, expensive food that they sell and make HUGE profits on, when most of it is made from corn and by-produtcts and is made in China, I will never return to that vet. Dry food does not have enough water content, it has almost none, like 10%, where canned food is 78% water. Cats are not big water drinkers naturally, which makes them more prone to kidney and urinary issues, because they do not get enough water in their diet to keep everything flushed out and healthy. Also, dry food is sprayed with bad stuff to make it tasty and addictive to cats, and when they get hooked on it, they don't want anything else.

Kittens are ALWAYS hungry, think having a teenage boy around all the time, that kind of hungry, they eat a lot. My kitten, until he was about 6-8 months old, ate 4 times a day. He now eats 3 small meals a day, one of them bigger than the other two, and his biggest meal is at bedtime. A big meal before bedtime will help him sleep better smile Some people do give their kitten a small amount of dry, because it is expensive to feed all wet when they are this little, so if you do end up having to do a small amount of dry during this extremely hungry time.....that is ok. It is not the most ideal, but it will probably be fine as long as the cat is getting plenty of wet food also, but what you do not want to do is leave large amounts of unlimited dry food around for them, because they will get used to eating non stop, and this will lead to obesity down the road, and also them preferring the dry food over the wet. It is ok for them to be hungry at times!!! I promise! They WILL try to convince you otherwise though, so be warned, they DO NOT need kibble out to nibble on daily. This seems to be a huge mistake that many people make in the beginning thinking that cats need to eat constantly throughout the day.

Now, my kitties drove me bonkers when they were little and woke me up at night. My 10 year old cat Beep, she had to sleep in the bathroom for several years at first, because we would not get any sleep. So I am a big believer in it being ok to put them up at night, in a bathroom, even that laundry room you were talking about, for this purpose (as long as the washer and dryer is not going at the time because it could scare him/her). My two boy cats go up in my daughters room at night, and they have learned that nighttime is for sleeping, and they sleep until 5:30....the minute the hear my feet hit the floor in the other room, they are UP and at the door, ready to come out laugh out loud My daughter, she is 14, and she loves having the kitties sleep in her room, Stephano snuggles up to her all night long. But if your kitty is a little turkey, like most little kittens, and wants to play all night, you may want to consider putting him in his own room at night, until he learns. The big meal at bedtime definitely helps my kitties sleep better, even my little crazy kitten laugh out loud

Get ready for some crazy kitten fun....curtain climbing, getting into everything. You will be fine! I'm sure these babies will be good and healthy and if you give them a good, healthy diet, they will do fine. way to go

P.S. Are these kitties Russian Siberian kitties? I am not familiar with the breed, but I was just contacted by a friend who wants me to help her find a home for a 7 year old Russian Siberian. Makes me sad that her family is getting rid of her, I guess her new hubby doesn't like cats cry No one could make me get rid of my kitty. Anyway, just wondering if your kitty was a Russian Siberian


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Thanks for your response! Yes Russia is where the Siberian cat comes from, they are very beautiful long haired cats and still quite rare I believe (at least here in Australia)! I really wanted long hair kitties because I just love the feel of their fur and how fluffy they are even though they need lots of grooming attention- I am steadily getting them used to being brushed although they still love to attack the comb laugh out loud

They do eat lots!! We feed them royal canin kitten instinctive wet food, which is the food the breeder was feeding them and the vet recommends. I do give them a little dry food, it's a brand called Hills Science Diet, which is also a high quality brand but they do not eat it much, they are mainly interested in the wet food which is the way I want to keep it! laugh out loud I also sometimes give them some kitten milk and put out lots of fresh water every day.

They are getting into everything already! And climbing where they shouldn't! I can usually tell when they're doing something they shouldn't when it goes quiet after they've been playing and I find them on the tv cabinet or on the window sill above our bed! They are learning though where they are not allowed to go and I swear they are getting cuter ever day! cloud 9