Sleeping at night?

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Purred: Sat Jun 15, '13 7:41am PST 
So our kittens are about 8 weeks only now and haves lots of energy. We are very glad we got two, because they wear each other out. But at night it is quite hard because even though we will play them till they will just sleep threw the toy sounds and are just passed out. But by 5 A.M my little female is wakong her brother up to play. I sleep threw it most of the time but my poor boyfriend can't. Is there anyway to make them sleep longer? Or will they grow out of this?


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They may adjust to your schedule, but cats are early risers. You might try giving them a snack before they go to sleep - that may help. Is there a safe room where you could put them together where they won't get into trouble? You could try to leave some self-play toys or a food maze or the little food dispenser toys to keep them occupied. They are just like little kids - up early to watch cartoons!laugh out loud