New Kitty!

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions - big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.


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Hi! wave

I got a new kitten, 8.5 weeks old. Her name is Reef, and she's a spunky, black and white, semi-long haired doll. She's already totally spoiled, and she's been here for a day! I should have some pics of her by tomorrow, if you guys want to see her smile (and maybe her sister Faith, too. My mom got that one)

I have a few questions about her care, though.

1) Kitten foods--Any good, grain free brands? How long should I leave her on kitten food, before switching to adult?

2) Should I buy her a crate?

3) What SHOULD I buy her? She has a food and water bowl, and a little box of kitten food to tide her over until I find a brand I like, and a little litter box. What else?

4) I have pet mice. Right now she doesn't pose a threat to them--she can't get in the aquarium if she tries. But is there some way to teach her that their cages are off limits?

5) She's so TINY!! Is it normal for kittens to be this small?? She can sit in just one of my hands, or stand in both of them. Goodness!

6) Is it possible to train cats? Kinda like you would a dog, only not so fancy. Just a few of the key things, like 'leave it'

7) She has really bad fleas, and gunk around her eyes that I wipe off constantly, but it keeps coming back. Everyone says the eye gunk is normal, even my vet. Is that true? And can I bathe her to get rid of the fleas?

8) I have a dog, a big 50 pound guy. He seems to be doing good with her so far. At first he wouldn't take his eyes off her, watched her like a hawk, and if she moved he'd jump a foot in the air. Now he watches her sometimes, still scared of her a little bit. Is this normal? Will he settle down when he gets used to her?

Thanks for any and all help, and if their is anything else you want to throw out their for a first time owner, my ears--erh, eyes--are open smile

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Hi! I know I am late to this party (of 1...) but I just joined so I thought I'd respond to you the best I can.

1) Don't have too much to say here. Every cat is different. I personally love the Wellness brand, but don't like to get into cat food debates with people. Me likes food and my poop is regular and normal looking, yay! I am currently eating Iams Kitten Food, but once my other issues get ironed out, I will be switching to Wellness and hopefully it will work for me!

2) For what purpose? I have a crate because Mama had a spare one. I was only 3-4 weeks old when I came to my new, awesome home, so I needed an area that was just my own. I now love my crate and even when the door is open (which it is all day long, just not at night or when there is a ton of activity in the house) I like to rest inside. My food, water, and litterbox are all in my crate as well as my bed and a few toys. It is my safe place. I have a French Bulldog big brother and three human siblings and they all know that the moment I step into my crate, I am off-limits. I enjoy that rule.

3) Food bowl, water bowl (that is bigger than her food bowl), food, litter, litterbox, and maybe a cuddle toy. I love towels, rolled up, so that's what Mama has for me right now. I have a couple socks tied in knots that are tied to the roof of my crate and a ball from one of my human sister's toys. I love toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes. I also have one of Mama's shirts in my crate because it makes me feel good to snuggle into her scent.

4) I don't know the answer here.

5) I am a tiny, tiny guy! Last Wednesday I weighed in at 12oz and I am about 6.5 weeks old today (just a guess because I am a rescue, but Mama rescued me three weeks ago today so the guess is very close to accurate). We come in all shapes and sizes, so as long as she has a healthy coat, eats and drinks well, regular stools, and plays, she is probably just perfect, like me! cheer

6) Mama says she trained one of her kitties to "leave it" before, but that was a long time ago. I don't know if she is planning to try any of those shenanigans with me wink

7) Praise be, she is old enough for topical flea treatment! Revolution is excellent and is what Mama chose. It is safe for kittens 0-5lbs, 6 weeks+. Another great option is Frontline, which is safe for 8 weeks+. Mama works at a veterinary hospital (my grandpa is a vet, lucky me!) and she had a TON of samples of Revolution, so that was a no-brainer for her. Please, PLEASE do not get an off-brand topical flea product. They have been known to give awful side effects...some fatal cry Use the product for three consecutive months, at least, to get the full life cycle of the flea. Mama is going to keep me on my flea preventative just because she would rather be safe than sorry, even though I am an indoor kitty.

8) I have a big dog brother too, but he is only about 19lbs (French Bulldog). Mama watches him very, very closely with me and never leaves us alone together. I know we will be great friends and he already loves me. Your big brother will probably love you too, soon, but special attention needs to be paid while we are so tiny and young! If you get a crate, keep kitty inside and let puppy sniff and get used to her. It's an option smile

I wrote you a novel of responses. Feel free to friend me, I don't mind answering questions and whatnot.