Litter training a stubborn kitten

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Purred: Sun May 5, '13 4:57pm PST 
I don't know why, but our new kitten doesn't want to pee in the litterbox. JUST peeing, she hops in to poop just fine. But she will pee all over the place under my desk (She is currently kept in my office) rather than in the litterbox. I barricaded off all of the places she was peeing, so she peed on my lamp and in front of the litterbox instead of in it.

She is 10 weeks old (We got her at 9 weeks) and is eating and drinking regularly. When we take her downstairs for her socialization she either doesn't potty or pees in the corner by the stairs (No poops) even though we've shown her the big downstairs litterbox. Every time she pees I take her back upstairs and put her in her litterbox.

I've just put some of the adult cat urine into her litterbox in the hopes it will convince her to pee in it.

What can I do about this?

(EDIT: Hoping to bring this to Catster staff attention: the Catster forum system wouldn't let me post this post until I spelled socialization with a Z instead of an S. I'm Canadian. It's an S!)

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