Growling Kitten

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Purred: Thu Feb 14, '13 2:35pm PST 
Last night my father rescued a kitten (about 6 months). She is skin and bones and the cutest thing.
Unfortunately my 10 year old cat, Oscar is not very happy about the new house guest, but thats not the problem.

The new kitten is growling at Oscar all the time! Oscar doesn't seem to pay any attention to the new guest, he's just a little annoyed.

I don't want him to feel left out because of the new kitten and I also don't want to resort to finding a new home for our new friend if she doesn't stop.

Has anyone heard of this happening?


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Purred: Thu Feb 14, '13 2:42pm PST 
Your kitten is displaying very common behavior. Cats can be very territorially and generally don't like strange cats. It can take anywhere from a couple of days to several months and even longer for cats to adjust to one another. It's best to keep your kitties separated at least until you can get the youngster seen by a vet to make sure she doesn't have anything contagious. Then do gradual introductions. There's a lot of good information in the cat pages of about.com on how to introduce cats. You're lucky that Oscar is not being aggressive, but be alert - very often cats express their stress and displeasure by going outside the litter box. Best to have separate litter boxes for them in different parts of the house.