My kitty has bad gas

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Tiger Lilly

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Is it normal for kittens to have bad gas she is eating good and getting a little fat but I hoping that just means she's fixing to grow she's about 10 weeks I give her small amounts of soft and hard food and she's pooping ok but is it normal to have such bad gas?? Please help what can I do thinkingthinking


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It could be a reaction to grains, which are not appropriate foods for cats. Your best best is to get her on a grain-free canned diet. Eliminate the dry food completely. It doesn't need to be an expensive canned food - even the pate flavors of Friskies and Fancy Feast are fine.


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Have you changed her food recently? Sometimes kitties get GI upset when you change their food too abruptly. You always want to switch them gradually.

Do you give her any dairy as treats? A lot of kitties are lactose intolerant, so that can cause gas, too.

Just my thoughts!

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Gas could be caused by diet like BK said and internal parasites (worms) can cause gas in kitties too.

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Tiger Lilly

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Thanks All she's going to the vet for a check up next week . I don't give her any dairy but I have added caned food and am slowly changing her dry... She gets pro plan and I don't think there any grain...

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ProPlan cans are great food. Gas can be caused by worms, or a change in diet. You may want to order some FortiFlora and put that in her food. It's inexpensive on Amazon.com.

That stuff is great - it helps with their intestinal tracks, and they love it! It can be used sprinkled on top of food if a cat isn't in the mood to eat. We call it Kitty Crack.

For dry you may want to try Evo Chicken & Turkey - it's made for kittens & adults - very low carbs and no ingredients from China.


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I looked at the ProPlan ingredients. The canned food that are pates are fine. The hard food is ProPlan too? That does have corn gluten, soy and rice which are all grains. If you want a food without the soy, corn or even wheat, then try to step up to ProPlan Select at least. It has rice. My cats like the grains: oatmeal, barley, rice, millet. They refused to eat the grain free kibbles that have peas, chickpeas tapioca, white potatoes, or sweet potatoes for their carbs. We feed canned food & they graze on dry too.

In dry food my cats like Holistic Select, Pronature, Canyon Creek Ranch, Solid Gold, Wellness and California Natural.

PS, please let the vet check for worms before you self treat your baby.


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Is her stool on the softer side? My kitten was also having gas, so we took her to the vet and she looked at her stool and noticed that it was on the softer side. She prescribed her Metronidazole Suspension and that really cleared things up.