What breed is my kitty ?

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Turbo Sorrow-

Purred: Sat Jan 5, '13 12:42pm PST 
Her name is Turbo . She is a small - boned kitten . I have a feeling she will be rather tiny . Kinda tortie , but also has white areas . Along with spots of stripes . Never seen one like her . Would love to hear your thoughts ! Thanks .


Tigger is my- favorite!
Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 8:14pm PST 
She is a very pretty girl! I love the black eyeliner! I am guessing tortie & white - I would have said tabby & white, but when I look at the larger orange patch, I don't think tabby. Post some more pics - I would love to see the rest of her! I think probably a DSH domestic short hair - a common kitty breed - bus still special!


go getter kitter
Purred: Fri Jan 11, '13 6:06pm PST 
Not a breed, but her color is Patched Tabby--patches of definitely stripey fur in a couple of colors--we love this. Like most kitties she is DSH, domestic short hair. But we would like to see full body photos, as Ptched Tabby is not that common color wise but IS vbery pretty!


Something Wild
Purred: Sun Jan 13, '13 10:17pm PST 
She looks gorgeous. As mentioned, very probably not a "breed" but a cat with a mix of genes from the random-bred cat population in the part of the world she is from. These cats are often called " domestic shorthairs" or affectionately known as " moggies", which means no particular breed and/or ancestry unknown.
These cats come in a wonderful variety of colors and patterns.

And your kitty has one of the most interesting and varied kinds!
There are 2 different names for it.
In CFA the name for her coloring is Patched Tabby and White.
In TICA, it's called Torbie and White. (Torbie = Tortoiseshell coloring plus a Tabby Pattern) So for example if you showed her as a Household Pet in TICA she would be listed in the show catalog as Torbie and White.

What that means is she has...
a gene for red pigment,
a gene for 'not red' , which defaults to black-based pigment,
a gene for Agouti which makes the tabby pattern show up,
AND a gene for White Spotting.

Re breeds, most cats aren't really breeds . It's a very different situation than with dogs, that have had much more human control over their reproduction. The pedigreed cats are only around 3% of owned cats. So there are also not a big percent of cats who have any recent purebred ancestors. Even with "mutt" dogs, if you could trace their ancestry you would usually find mostly ancestors of specific breeds or at least types of dogs who had been bred for certain jobs. But with most "moggy" cats, if you could trace their ancestry it would be almost all cats who were NOT bred by humans but have just bred randomly on their own over the centuries, and have a mix of genes from the general cat population in their part of the world.
Of course the breeds all originally came from random-bred cats. and the moggies are no less wonderful.

Your cat is just lovely!