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Hi I just joined catster, my name is Chelsea and I'm, um 2 months old? Or so. I'm in foster care for Homeless No More cat rescue in Fairbury, Nebraska._You see, somebody found me on the street & b/c I've funny rear legs and a broken tail they thought I'd been run over. It turned out I've a broken leg, a bowed leg and a broken tail but I'm good and I'll be for adoption in a few months. So anyways here I'm in my Holiday outfit, all kitties for adoption got a Santa hat and a Xmas collar(don't tell anybody but not all of us were thrilledwink Happy Holidays to all!

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Hi Chelsea, welcome to Catster! You are just tooooooo cute! We are glad you were rescued from the street and we hope you find your forever home soon when it comes time. Merry Christmas to you!