new kittens - need FIV and FeLV testing?

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I will be picking up my new kittens on Friday - I will take them in to my vet to be checked on Sat - do you think they need to be tested for FIV and FeLV even though all their parents have been tested neg?
Any other testing that you can think of that I need to do?

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If you are planning on having them spayed/neutered you might hold off on the FelV/FIV test and opt for the pre-op blood test which at our vet's office includes those two test and some other general tests. One test to avoid, which most vets don't do anyway because it is useless, is the FIP test. Best of luck to you and your new family members, kittens are such a joy!


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Those diseases are spread through bites, so if the other cats in the home are negative and the kittens haven't had the opportunity to be bitten by outside cats, I wouldn't bother. You DO want a fecal sample tested and probably arasite control done as a matter of course, if the person you are getting them from hasn't done it already. Other than that if there are no visible signs of illness a regular 'exam' will be all you need.

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the breeder has only indoor cats and has each breeding cat tested for FIV and FeLV prior to mating. All her cats are negative for FIV and FeLV. She also tests for HCM and PKD. She is also screening for hip dysplasia. She has all documentation and will give me copies. All the kittens have been treated with Drontal recently and a littermate recently was picked up by his new owner and vet checked - free of all internal parasites!
I will have the boys seen by my vet on Sat - I will take them to my other house on Friday night - just to avoid any cross exposure to the other cats.
I think the boys will vet-test just fine, but will keep them isolated just to be sure. I'll take a stool sample (if they poop for me) - if not I can take one in later!
thanks for your help!!

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