Vet told me it was rare for kittens to go into heat before 6 months?

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Juliette has her appointment this month. She will be six months on September 3rd. Her appointment is August 23rd. My vet wanted to wait until she weighed five pounds. Weight was
very important as well. Siberians and Maine Coons grow slower than other cats since they get so big. The rescues did the neutering too early but I think up to six months is fine. Juliette will be about five and half months old when hers is done...I am not looking forward to it....By the way, you have the prettiest kitten there....

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Yes cats can definitely go into heat before 6 months, although personally the two females I've had who were intact at that age did not...
I delayed getting Harlequin spayed because she was so tiny and I kept waiting in hope maybe she would grow a little more first (she was one of the runts in the feral litter I rescued). When I finally did get it done she was 9 months old, 5 1/2 pounds and had never gone into heat. She's still tiny as an adult.

Roxy's breeder advised not spaying until 8 months old due to Maine Coons developing slowly and we had hoped she wouldn't go into heat at all because she didn't for so long, but then she ended up finally doing so getting her first heat before 8 months old. So she did go into heat once before she was spayed.

I couldn't find a lot of data on spaying a cat before vs. after their first heat regarding mammary tumors in cats, although I did find this:

"This study indicates that cats spayed before 6 months of age had a 91% reduction in risk for mammary cancer. That dropped to 86% if they were spayed between 6 and 12 months. Any decrease between then and 24 months was insignificant."
Overley, G, Shofer, FS, Goldschmidt, MH et al. (2005) Association between ovariohysterectomy and feline mammary carcinoma. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 19 (4): 560-563.

So even if your cat is not spayed until she is 6 months old it does not seem like it increases the risk a huge amount...

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